Vegecat phi™ - Discontinued

Use Vegcat™, VegeYeast, and Ascorbic Acid (if needed)...

Most cats maintain an ideal urine pH of 6.0 to 6.5 using Vegecat™ and acid forming VegeYeast. VegeYeast has a pH of < 4.0 and is very effective. You can test urine pH at home by covering the letterbox in plastic wrap and using over-the-counter pH test strips. In this way, you can discover if further acidification is necessary. You should test the urine before any major dietary change and again about 3 weeks later. It is best to test on an empty stomach.
Veterinarians often recommend ascorbic acid when acidification is needed. A veterinarian we trust has suggested adding 200mg of ascorbic acid per day for a small cat (under 8 lbs or 3.6kg) and 400mg per day for a larger cat. Divide the recommended amount between meals so you administer the ascorbic acid at least twice per day.
If you’re feeding a cat with a history of urinary issues or alkaline urine, you should primarily feed wet food, not dry kibble. Moisture in the diet will improve urine concentration and allow minerals that aren’t absorbed by the body to flush out more readily. If you do feed kibble, and need to add ascorbic acid, you can mix ascorbic acid into a pureed vegetable (like canned pumpkin) and then coat the kibble with that mixture. If you are feeding kibble on a regular basis, you should often add water or pureed vegetables, and an allow the kibble to absorb the moisture, before feeding.
The very small amount of ascorbic acid needed should not change the flavor of your cat’s food enough to be a problem, and cats tend to love the taste of VegeYeast. If ascorbic acid is not something your cat will tolerate, or it does not prove effective enough, ask your veterinarian about using the amino acid methionine to acidify. Methionine supplements for cats often recommend 500mg to 1000mg per day for a 10lb (4.5kg) cat.

Do not over acidify. Test your cat’s urine pH to determine what is an isn’t needed. Urine that is too acidic causes issues, too!
(We are looking into reselling an ascorbic acid for convenience, but you can find ascorbic acid powder and DL-methionine supplements for humans in most local grocery stores. Look for a 100% pure ascorbic acid rather than one with other ingredients.)
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