Kingsley and Pearl

The Fish Refuge:  Our founder, Kim Sheridan, is the caretaker of an enchanted kingdom of rescued fishes (koi and goldfish). They have their own sanctuary ponds and enjoy a 100% healthy vegan diet boosted with plenty of fresh plant foods and algae, including spirulina and chlorella. They often arrive at the Fish Refuge terrified and in very poor health. With lots of love and TLC, they become vibrant, long-lived, ecstatic beings who live harmoniously with one another. We humans could learn a lot from them!

Coming soon: Compassion Circle’s Own Organic Vegan Fish Food and Treats. We currently raise funds through the sale of our own organic, cruelty-free pet products. We are constantly working on expanding our line, and many more products are in development. Our long-term goal is to provide cruelty-free foods free of charge to animal shelters nationwide, thereby expanding the circle of compassion to all animals… and helping no-kill shelters to become truly no-kill – not just for the animals in the shelter. To stay informed, please join our email list.

More info, photos and film clips of the Fish Refuge coming soon!

Please see the Adoption page of this site to learn more about what you can do to change or save a life!

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Compassionate Fish Relocation in Action