Vegan Pet Info

Dog 101

Dogs are physiologically omnivores. In recent history, dogs have lived on table scraps from people eating primarily plant foods. Our domesticated best friends have evolved with us and changes are evident in their dietary adaptations and lifestyles.

CAT 101

While cats are carnivores, their nutritional needs can be met by a properly supplemented plant-based diet.


The toxic load in the body from eating at the top of the food chain is extremely alarming. Pesticides and carcinogens are stored in fat. This toxicity is exponentially magnified as animals are fed to animals. Fish that have no mechanism to detoxify their own bodies are routinely fed, as fish meal, to other fish, poultry, livestock, and cats. Fish, poultry, and livestock, along with the toxins stored in their bodies, then become cat and dog food. Some cats on a meat-based diet have been tested to have over 30 times the Reference Dosage Limit of mercury for humans. The best way to minimize the mercury, arsenic, cadmium, uranium, etc., in your companion animal’s diet (and your own) is to eat a plant-based diet.

More than 66 BILLION land animals are slaughtered for food each year, as well as TRILLIONS of fish! Most of these animals are not being raised on a picturesque rural farm. Most live their lives, and meet their end, in ways that are indescribably cruel. In the US alone, there are 73 million dogs fed from this slaughter…dogs who could be thriving on an economical, plant-based diet.

In addition to the horrible cruelty, the environmental impact of eating a meat-based diet – for humans or companion animals – makes that diet unsustainable for the number of people and animals living on Earth. We’ve wiped out about half of the ocean’s fish since 1970, and many scientists predict that the oceans could be empty of marine life by 2050 if consumption continues at current levels. Beyond that, the land and water use required to feed and house land animals for food is immense, as are the greenhouse gasses and feces waste pollution that is a result of this unnecessary farming. We save the Earth and improve the health of us all by eating and feeding vegan!

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