The Most Nutrient Dense Superfood Available!

Green mush™ is an organic, plant-based combination of green algae, sea vegetables, green grasses, and other superfoods that are dried at a low temperature to retain life force, enzymes, and maximum nutrient value.  Green Mush™ contains thousands of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and amino acids.  This product is “manufactured” by Mother Nature herself; not a chemist in a factory.  The nutrients are exactly as they occur  in whole plant foods because they are still in whole plant foods.  They are fully recognizable by the body and easily assimilated. The digestive enzyme and probiotic blends further optimize nutrient absorption.

Each ingredient in Green Mush™ has health benefits. The therapeutic benefits of the antioxidants – CoEnzymeQ10 and phycocyanin from Spirulina – are huge.  Antioxidants slow the aging process, support heart health, decrease inflammation, and more.*  Many of the health issues our companion animals face stem from inflammation and chronic inflammation, such as allergies and dermatitis, arthritis, heart disease, kidney issues, thyroid issues, dental issues, and even cancer.  Reducing inflammation with antioxidants can make a world of difference.

The chlorophyll in Chlorella oxygenates the blood and increases energy production.*  This enhances detoxification in cells by allowing cells to release toxins more readily.* Chlorella also contains Chlorella Growth Factor (“CGF”). CGF contributes to cellular repair and detoxification, immune function, the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria, and the efficient use of oxygen in cells.*

Green Mush™ is great for dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, ferrets, squirrels, other mammals, and human animals, too!  When feeding to cats on a plant-based diet, add cranberry powder or VegeYeast to the diet to add acidity and counter the alkalinity of Green Mush.™

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Read more by downloading the Green Mush™ Informational Paper:  Green Mush™ Information

100% Whole Food Nutrients
–  Vitamins
– Minerals
– Protein
– Enzymes
– Probiotics
– Phytochemicals
– Chlorophyll
– Antioxidants

Nutritional Support for…
Increased Lifespan
Accelerated Healing
Greater Energy
Healthy Immune System
Reduced Inflammation

100% Vegan
Fully Absorbable/No Toxicity

Ingredients: 100% Pesticide free/Wildcrafted or TruGanic™

Land Vegetables:
• Nettle Leaf • Carob Pod • Whole Leaf Wheat Grass • Shavegrass (Horsetail) • Burdock Root • Alfalfa Leaf Juice • Ginger Root • Nopal Cactus

• Spirulina Manna™ • Broken Cell Wall Chlorella Manna™

Wildcrafted Aquatic Vegetables:
• Icelandic Kelp • Nova Scotia Dulse

Enzymes (optimum absorption, cleansing plus):
• Protease • Alpha Galactosidase • Amylase  • Cellulase • Lipase • Bromelain • Papain

Probiotic Blend:
• Lactobacillus plantarum • Lactobacillius paracasei • Lactobacillus rhamnosus • Lactobacillus salivarius • Streptococcus thermophilus • Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Suggested Use: Mix approximately one part powder to one or two parts purified water, fresh juice, or fruit such as a banana (for flavoring) to make a mush. Small animals, like rats, can eat it this way as a meal. For other animals, Green Mush™ can be mixed into their normal foods (you may need to add water because Green Mush™ is a dry powder). Daily serving depends upon the size of the animal.

Rose & Destiney_MushTime

The Green Mush™ Story

Green Mush™ came into being as a way to get the most complete, highest quality nutrients into ourselves and a precious member of our family, our beloved rat June. We mixed the green powder with a little purified water into a “mush” consistency (thus, the name “Green Mush”). June absolutely loved it, and it was so nourishing for her. In addition to mixing the powder into a glass of water or juice for ourselves daily, we now serve it in the form of Green Mush™ to all of our beloved animal companions.

-Kim Sheridan


My senior rat lost the use of his back legs. I started adding Green Mush to his cereals, and after just two weeks, he was using those legs again! – Carol Lawton

Benji, my shelti dog of eighteen years had hip dysplasia so bad that he was falling down when walking, and could not get up. I thought I had to put him to sleep, but my daughter got him on Green Mush and the difference is unbelievable! He looks younger and can walk without falling. I feel as if Ben has been given a new lease on life. – Millie Marcoux

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