Vet Referrals & Nutritionists

Many in the veterinary community are becoming more supportive of a plant-based diet, for general health or to address specific health concerns like allergies and obesity. If your veterinarian isn’t immediately supportive, try educating them. A quality vet will be open to learning something new! You can recommend that your vet read the 4th edition of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Heath for Dogs and Cats. You can also recommend they listen to the interviews from The Plant-Powered Dog Food Summit to hear what other veterinarians with experience feeding plant-based have to say on the subject. Let your vet know you are willing to assess your animal’s health with blood tests a few months into the new diet, and be sure to feed a nutritionally-complete commercial food or properly supplemented home-prepared diet. The Compassion Circle Team is happy to communicate with your vet if they have questions.

If your vet simply does not support your decision to feed a home-prepared, plant-based diet, you’ll likely want to find a new vet. Below are some veterinarians who are supportive of plant-based feeding. Not all of the vets below support a plant-based diet for cats, but it is our understanding that they will all support feeding a cruelty-free diet to dogs.

If you have a positive experience with your veterinarian supporting your vegan diet plan, let us know and we can share that information with others looking for the same.


United States


Marybeth Minter, DVM
Mariposa Veterinary Service
Sedona, AZ
Phone or email consultations available.

Karen Lyons, DVM
Desert Mobile Veterinary Services
Gilbert, AZ


Armaiti May, DVM
Dr. May’s Veterinary House Calls
Phone or email consultations available.

W. Jean Dodds, DVM
Hemopet Holistic Care


Loreli Wakefield, VMD
Jackson, WY
Phone consultations available.


Leslie Brown, DVM


Ruth Dalto, DVM
Holistic Healing for Animals
251 Main St.
Yarmouth, ME 04096


Margo Roman, DVM


Lisa Melling, DVM, CVH, CVSMT
Good Harbor Holistic Veterinary Care
Traverse City and surrounding North Michigan communities

New Jersey

Rosemary Manziano, DVM
Colts Neck, NJ

New Mexico

Dee Blanco, DVM
Santa Fe, NM
Phone or email consultations available.


Dr. Paul Rowan DVM
The Center for Animal Healing
Virginia Beach, VA


Tanya Holonko, DVM
Olympia, Washington




Carolyn Benson, DVM
Toronto, Ontario


United Kingdom


Sarah Stieg DVM, MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon & Homeopath
Tunstall, North Yorkshire
44 + (0) 7865-646129
Email Dr. Sarah HERE

For more information about homeopathy visit:

For more possibilities, please check Dr. Pitcairn’s referral list at The veterinarians listed on Dr. Pitcairn’s website may or may not support vegan feeding, but they are holistic-minded and likely more open-minded than many.


Animal Nutritionists

Jan Allegretti, D.Veterinary Homeopathy
Ukiah, CA
Phone consultations available.

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS
Founder of Plant-Powered Dog

Senae Suzuki
Santa Monica, CA
Phone or email consultations available.