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For many years, we haven’t asked for testimonials from the many happy customers we’re in touch with daily. The work day is busy, people are busy, and the products and diet often speak for themselves. That said, we understand that reading people’s positive experiences can give others the confidence to try a diet that is wonderful for their companion animals’ health and longevity, a blessing for farmed animals, and best for Mother Earth. So, we’re going to try to remember to collect testimonials and we welcome you to share yours with us!

We thank Harbingers of a New Age (HOANA) and James Peden for developing the Vegepet supplement line, beginning and supporting the paradigm shift toward a vegan diet for companion animals, and for many of the testimonials below.

Customers Reviews • The Vegedog Diet

We'd like to share a recent photo update from our Vegedog™ poster child-pup, Jazz.

James shares, "We've been feeding Jazz the garbanzo recipe since she's was 8 weeks old. She has never been ill, and is full of energy and playfulness. Her love knows no bounds and she makes every day special. I'm happy knowing that her diet doesn't contribute to global warming."

You can see Jasmine [Jazz] at 3-months old in a testimonial below.
My senior dog, Elton, is living with late-stage symptoms of Cushing’s. The disorder effects the pituitary gland and causes him to want to eat more than he should. We switched him to a vegan diet so that he can eat a little more food and feel satisfied. His health has improved and he is more energetic. At first, he didn’t like the canned vegan food and vegan kibble as much as his old dog food and so we began preparing his wet food using Compassionate Circle Vegan recipes and supplements. This is a real help as is more affordable, the wet food is made with higher quality organic and non-gmo plant-based ingredients. It is also less wasteful to not have a can! Some of the produce is grown here at home in our organic garden. Elton LOVES his food now and his lab tests look good, despite the Cushing’s. Elton is enjoying lots of good days in his golden years!

Frank successfully transitioned to homemade food with Vegedog, VegeYeast, and Enzyme Miracle and is doing so much better! In retrospect, I think the commercial kibble had been bothering his tummy for a while, but I thought the occasional stomach upsets were just Frank's normal. It wasn't until it got progressively worse that I realized I needed to do something. Since switching to the homemade food + supplements, he's maintained a healthy appetite, has had no more episodes of gurgly stomach, and no vomiting or diarrhea, and gained a few pounds (which he needed). He just had his annual checkup and all his tests and bloodwork looked great as well. I'm so appreciative of VegeDog and the compassionate support you provide.
Compassion Circle is an amazing company with fantastic customer service. They are always here to help, even when you live across the world. I live in Tahiti, French Polynesia and I couldn’t give a healthy vegan life to my dogs without them. I have two dogs, both raised vegan, and they are perfectly healthy and always full of energy. They always want to play and they are never sick. They love the food I make for them, following the recipes given by Compassion Circle with their products, and their bowls are always cleaned at the end! Thank you, Compassion Circle, for your products and thank you to all the great people who work for this company.
This is a photograph of our two vegan dogs, both of whom are fed Vegedog supplements and yeast. The dog in the forefront of the picture is Dori and in the back is Perle.

Dori co-"wrote" our novella The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden & Helped Save the Planet, which won a Canadian literary award this past May. The book has been called "audacious," "witty," and "cracking wise" -- endorsements attached. Dori is also the only vegan dog listed as an author in the Library of Congress and in the Canadian National Archives. Scientists, animal-rights activists, and poets have endorsed the book. It just had an advertising run in The Nation magazine -- ad attached -- the longest continuously published political magazine in the US. And she benefits, as does Perle, from your products!!!! Your products are listed on the book's website: vegdogsavesplanet.com

We're really grateful to Vegedog and Compassion Circle!!
Beau has been on Vegedog and VegeYeast since he was about 8 months old. He's a very healthy boy! And a vegan!
Meeka has been using Vegedog for the past three years or so. She is 13-1/2 years old and has been vegan for 6 years.
Just wanted to let you know how much I value the work that Compassion Circle has done on behalf of those who would like their animal friends to participate in a meat-free diet. Our dog, The Hamburglar, is eleven, but a very very active eleven. We have always fed him a homemade diet, but recently decided that we would like him to join the rest of the family in becoming a vegetarian.
Searching online, I came across http://www.CompassionCircle.com and was impressed...


...by the level of research and information contained there. I purchased some Vegedog and VegeYeast supplements and expected to have to coax The Hamburglar to eat his new meat-free diet. No such problems. Using the lentil recipe in the Vegedog supplement instructions as a starting point, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that he loved his new vegetarian food. Not only is he visibly excited at meal times, it has been six weeks and his arthritis bothers him less. He is noticeably more active (hard to believe!) and doesn't seem as sore when he wakes up in the morning. Thank you for your advocacy of a compassionate diet for dogs and cats.
Walter came to live with us when he was five and a half months old, after being rescued by D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus. He adapted immediately to a Vegan diet and, with the addition of Vegepup, he has grown into a happy, healthy, very large. muscular dog. You can find Walter on Instagram - #WalterTheVeganDog. We want to promote as many Vegan animal products as possible so that people feel confident about transitioning their companions to a Vegan diet. Walter's experience with Vegepup was excellent and we've now moved on to Vegedog.
Have used Vegedog in combination with Dr. Pitcairn's 4th Edition. My girl loves the food and is healthy and vigorous in her 10th year, despite Addison's disease. So worthwhile, for the planet, other animals, and health!
We switched all 3 [dogs] to a vegan diet using Dr. Pitcairn's book about 16 months ago. They are 8, 10, and 17. All are doing great and I haven't seen any diminishment in their energy.


This summer our 10 year old is showing about an 80% improvement in previous years' skin inflammations. Very happy about that. VegeDog gives me the confidence that I am providing the spectrum of nutrients that they need with the plant based food I am making.
Dr. P's Guide
- Debbie
Photo: Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats is a fabulous resource!
My dogs have been a 1/2 mix of natural balance vegan dog food, and a vegedog supplemented fresh made recipes. Before I knew better, our boy Alfred (the heeler boxer Mix on the left) almost died from ingesting what I thought was supposed to be his natural diet. It was a Dog targeted raw meat formula. It was probably one of the scariest moments of my life seeing him unresponsive on the floor, after vomiting blood. He had always had a sensitive stomach, and digestive issues since we rescued him from the euthanizing list a year and a half ago.


After some research we looked into plant based diets, and I can confidently say 1 year later both my boys are thriving! They’re very active herding mixes, that love their food, have loads of of energy, perfect digestion, lots of muscle definition, and unexpectedly, they smell better too! I was worried at first, because it’s not exactly conventional to feed your omnivorous pet a vegan diet, but after my experience, being at wits end for 6 months prior not knowing what the heck to feed my dogs, I have nothing but good things to say! My vet has also given us a big “thumbs up” on their diet and health! Leroy and Alfred, one with an extremely sensitive GI tract, and one that’s just a very picky eater, are now healthy, vibrant, playful, enthusiastic eating, happy doggies!
My name is Jess and I have been enjoying a plant based, home cooked diet for 2 years. My lovely Vet recommended Vege Dog along with Dr Pitcairn’s book. It took a bit of practice at first to get the balance right and we could not have done this without Vege Dog. I am a very energetic 10 year old who loves long walks every day. I meet lots of hikers and dogs and everyone remarks on the glossiness of my coat and they presume that I am a pup as I am so lean, fit and active….and Happy!! Thank you Vege Dog xx And special Thanks to Ashley for arranging for us to purchase from the UK.
Our three Norwich Terriers have been vegan for almost a year. We could not be happier with their health and the results from their latest vet checkup. All three are thriving. They are 13 years old, 10 years old and 2 years old.


They have no digestive upsets, their poops are firm and non-smelly and their coats are beautiful. I run 2 of them in agility trials and they run fast and happy. I use Dr. Pitcairn and Susan Pitcairn’s recipes and vary their diet from those recipes. I add in the Vegedog and am just beginning to use the VegeYeast to replace nutritional yeast. I am sure I will get great results.

All our kids eat plant based and are just as healthy as can be! Thanks for helping us keep them this way without causing harm to other innocent animals.
We are a vegan farm sanctuary in WI. Our family and all the farm animals have been vegan for four years. Four dogs are part of our family and even as a vegan I hesitated converting our dogs to a vegan diet until a friend introduced me to Dr. Pitcairns book and a vegan vet friend told me to go for it! 🙂


It took a little while for the dogs to adapt and at first they preferred the dry food over the homemade but now all four ask for the homemade food at each meal. Our oldest dog, Polly, is a 13 1/2 year old New Foundland. All her life she suffered from recurrent ear and skin infections, her skin would itch and rupture until she had large open sores. We tried everything. All kinds of foods, allergy remedies etc., and nothing worked until now. For the first time in her life she has not had an ear infection or skin issue in months! She is completely on the homemade diet and Vegedog supplement. I took her in for her annual blood work a week ago and it all came back normal. So wonderful! Thank you so much!
I have two very healthy vegan dogs, and use your products in the food I cook for them to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition. They have been vegan for 2-plus years; they never get sick and are well-conditioned athletes.


Although I have been vegan for 5 years for ethical and health reasons, I transitioned the dogs purely for health reasons. The last three dogs I had all died of cancer and I’m doing everything possible to give these guys the absolute best nutrition to help them live long and active lives.

The photo is after a trail run through the hills with me.
2 Vegan Cuties
- Blair R.
Photo: Pups After A Run
Thank you so much for your product. I don't know what I would do without you! Without you, I'd never be able to figure out the right ratio of ingredients my pup needs or would be stuck buying processed foods, and I only want the best for Mango. I enjoy making her food myself.
I really appreciate the goodgrub4pets.com website and everything else you’ve sent, and your time.

I took your Rice + TSP recipe and substituted quinoa for the rice (2.5 x your ingredients) and combined it with 1.6 x your Garbanzo recipe...


...adding peas, carrots and spirulina, and lots of water to blend garbanzos, etc., then I weigh the entire batch and calculate Calories/gram of total weight from there. Made 13 Kg (~8 gallons) which I freeze, etc.

Here’s the link:

Vegan Quinoa/TSP/Garbanzo Beans

Thank you so much - my dogs love it all!
I wanted to write to let you know that my 5 year old Maxie, a Maltese/Bichon mix, is thrilled with his vegetarian diet and doing really well withs the Vegedog, VegeYeast and Prozyme Plus since he began a month and a half ago.


From the time Maxie was a puppy he only ate “organic” dog food from the local pet store, but either wouldn’t like it or would have skin reactions to it. I tried every brand available of “organic” type for dogs with allergies, both wet and dry. But he would still have constant skin issues.

I then put him on a RAW meat diet for dogs with allergies and he didn’t do well on that either.

After three years of this, I finally agreed to try Hills ZD for dogs with allergies, as per my vet’s recommendation, and he would gobble that down so quickly because it was probably the closest thing to “junk food” for him and probably tasted so good! Some of his skin issues went away, but not completely. He was also lethargic after eating, developed heartburn, and the white around his eyes was yellow and blood shot.

Anyhow, I ended up changing my own diet completely and am now a vegetarian and had a strong desire to put my dog on the same type of diet as well, but wasn’t sure how. When I approached my vet about it she reacted almost angrily and asked me why I would want to do that. She told me the Hills ZD is like “gold” and that I would have to “waste” a lot of time preparing the food for my dog if I changed his diet to a homemade diet.

Surprised by her defensive reaction I stopped going to that vet and decided to do research on my own. I found your company through Billie Dean’s website, the animal communicator, and am so grateful!

Now, since putting him on a completely homemade, vegetarian diet based on plant proteins along with using the VegeYeast, Vegedog and Prozyme Plus, Maxie is happier, has more energy, the whites around his eyes are WHITE, his eyes are bright, and his fur is softer.
- Maxie's Best Friend
Photo: Maxie
In 1999 our Australian Shepherd was 8 years old, eating Nutra nuggets, and in the next year his health went down hill quickly. He could no longer jump up on the bed to sleep with us.


He would put a paw on the bed, look at us with resignation and agony, and collapse on the floor. If we tried to help him on the bed by lifting up his hips, he would groan in pain. He was also getting cataracts.

About that time, I found your website and I was shocked. I followed your recipes and made up a few of my own, and within about 6 months, he was a pup again, jumping on the bed again. He went out in the garden, ate an entire head of cabbage, and his cataracts cleared up. We fed him cabbage after that and he loved it.

We also have a border collie (Shanti) and her health improved quite visibly. We found her at a trail head, think she’d been there for a month. Her coat was stiff and dull and full of stickers and stuff, and she was terrified of people, but she looked us over, considered her options, and jumped into the back of our station wagon and came home with us. After 6 months on veggie food, her coat got all wavy and shiny.

I have three basic recipes. One uses Oatmeal and wheatgerm. One uses Brown rice or Black Japonica blend from Lundberg Farms and tofu. The biscuits are whole wheat and soy flour. I add peas and carrots to the brown rice recipe, along with some tomato sauce. They love it the most. We also give them omega 3 eggs and in his last months, we added some wild catch salmon and albacore tuna, since he liked the smell of fish so much.

Patches began to show signs of aging in the last year and we put him down this morning, after he woke up and couldn’t walk anymore. He was the most incredible dog. Never demanding, he simply lived in our home and was always neat and clean. Even in the last year, he never peed on the carpets, he either went outside or peed while he was lying on his bed, which we covered with thick towels. He seldom complained and wasn’t a barker. I thought about him reaching doggie heaven, and I saw the other dogs stop what they were doing to pay him homage. He was a noble dog, a loyal companion to my husband. Ray found Patches in his driveway when he was a puppy. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him, when he was 5. This picture was taken in 2006, he was 15.
Patches and Shanti
- Patches & Shanti's Best Friend
Photo: Patches & Shanti
We’d like let you know how grateful we are to have brought VegeDog for our furry, PP. She’s completely on Vegedog diet for almost 3 months now, and everything works wonderful. We’re using the hard kibble recipe. Besides the great palatability, her teeth are noticeably much cleaner and healthier!


PP is 6 years old, and has been a vegan for at least 3 years. She’s allergic to oatmeal and corn, which are found in almost all vegan dog kibbles available on the market. It is also extremely difficult to find a company that manufactures vegan food only and at the same time provide food that would not itch her. Prior to encountering Vegedog, she was on a vegan food found in our local Taiwanese stores. The company also manufactures other meat-based diets. Unfortunately, it was the only suitable diet we could find. While on the diet, her breath wasn’t the greatest and we suspected it might be due to the fact that the company also manufactures meat products. Also, for some reasons, she wasn’t able to absorb the nutrients from the food to keep a normal weight. Even though we fed her more, she was still quite skinny. It was when we decided to do researches out of country, trying to find alternatives ASAP. We found Vegedog from one of the articles posted on PETA.

After having her eye surgery a few months ago, the vet noticed a fat build-up on the surface of her cornea, indicating she might be having a diet with too much fat. At the time she was on half the old food and half Vegedog kibbles. We switched her completely to Vegedog kibbles immediately. A few weeks later, the fat build-up was gone, and the vet was amazed on how fast the fat had disappeared.

Being able to make our own kibble with selective ingredients is just the greatest blessing. We are using your kibble recipe, and replace the cornmeal with vegetables and brown rice powder. She loves her meal times more than ever, and no more foul breaths coming from her mouth.

We understand that many people have doubts about switching their dogs and cats to vegan diet. Some may even consider it as being selfish and that we are imposing our personal preference onto our furry friends. Nevertheless, it just doesn’t seem justified to kill other animals in order to feed ours. Since we have all these other alternatives on the market, especially Vegecat, Vegedog supplements, and a few other vegan companies, providing products sufficient nutrients, our dogs and cats can absolutely live a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing Harbingers continue growing and more people to switch their cats and dogs to vegan food. Thank you very much!
- Grace
Photo: P.P.
I just want to tell you thank you for your products and services. I have 2 boy dogs (fuzzy children as my dad calls them) and they have both become vegan and healthy; in large part due to your encouragement.


As a pup and for his first 3 years Kekoa (a Westie) was full of energy, character and enjoyed a home cooked diet of veggies, carb starches and meat proteins. Then he all of sudden came down with acute allergies. He was jumping out of his skin and miserable. His eyes were constantly red and swollen. For 2 months the vet gave him steroids and encouraged me to wait. Then Kekoa got to where he didn’t want to eat. He wanted me to hold him constantly (picture below). He didn’t want to go out or play. His weight dropped and his skin became frail and limp. He even started losing muscle control. At that point he exploded with a rash that looked like chicken pox from head to toe.

At 4 years old Kokoa had developed allergies to most everything. After much research on my own, I found your products and it has made a world of difference. Since December they have both been completely vegan and since January they have both been on your supplements. My Westie had stopped almost all of his acute reactions. He has put healthy weight back on while his coat and skin have bounce and shine. So in a short 4 month time frame he went from looking like he might die to being completely off steroids and tackling multi-mile walks with me every day.

The picture (on the left) was taken today. We had just returned from a 2 mile walk and he was very happy. No swollen eyes. Tons of energy. No rash. Healthy weight gain. I have to be careful what he eats. We stay completely away from meat proteins. I have to be careful what veggies he has because some bring back the acute symptoms. I do currently still give him Benadryl 3 times a day but I hope that with more time I can back off that as well. At least it is not steroids.

My vet thinks I am horrible and cruel to follow this diet plan but it is the solution that saved Kekoa’s life. I don’t believe his system would have kept going otherwise.

While I don’t want to speak negative on anyone, when I was searching for help, I went into a store here that advertised being a holistic and healthy pet source. When I tried to talk with the owner about my dogs becoming vegan, she balked at me and wanted to know how I could treat my pets so. That store had no viable solution for me. I feel confident in knowing that you have done quality research and don’t sell a product just to make a dollar. You truly have the well being of pets and their owners in mind. I am so grateful.

And one last thing I want to say is that I appreciate you honesty in costs. Both times I have ordered products from you, you have over estimated shipping costs and then made a cost return deposit in my favor. That amazes me. Most companies would keep the over estimate and count it as part of having a business. And no one would think any less of that policy. But you take the time to figure and defray costs to the very penny. That is very honorable.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for giving me back my precious boy.
- Kekoa's Best Friend
Photo: Kekoa
Pixie eats breakfast and supper of home-prepared vegetarian meals including Vegepet supplement and Vegeyeast. The basic recipes are like the ones from your site: a whole grain such as millet, brown rice or barley combined with a protein that is also usually a whole grain (quinoa, lentil or soy flour).


I add extras like green beans (which she helps herself to in the garden in summer anyway) or a smoothie with rice milk, broccoli and carrots, and a fat which is canola oil or nut butter. Pixie has weighed exactly 51# her whole adult life, which is perfect for her size and for keeping her sound. As you can see, she is very athletic! Her vet says she’s in fantastic condition.
- Andrea
Photo: Pixie
Dean is on the right, looking at his sister Pixie. It’s hard to get pictures of them not moving, because they always are, except when they’re resting and then they’re together.


Dean was a foster puppy from Dalmatian Rescue, the same organization that brought us Pixie, and we adopted him. I don’t know what he was eating in the shelter but since he’s been in our family he eats the same homemade vegetarian diet with Vegepet ingredients that Pix always has. He’s sweet and gentle, while Pixie’s a drama queen, but they’re both happy, healthy and active family members.
Dean and Pixie
- Andrea
Photo: Dean & Pixie
My boyfriend and I got little Stevie when he was just eight weeks old, and while we’d both had pets growing up this was our first foray into raising one on our own. So, like good parents...


...we took him to the vet regularly, made sure he got all of his shots, was neutered, registered, microchipped, insured, groomed, and loved to death.

But what do we feed the best dog on the planet? Being vegan and having done considerable research on all the terrible, unhealthy, and downright dangerous additives in commercial pet food, we decided that making his food from scratch would be the healthiest option. However, neither one of us knew a single darn thing about canine nutritional needs, especially for a puppy as young as Steve was. So, with a little research and word of mouth advice we found Vegedog and decided to give it a try.

The results were incredible! Steve absolutely loved everything we made (his favorite part is getting to lick the spoon after making a fresh batch of rice and TSP), and continued to grow into a happy, healthy, energetic dog. People constantly comment on how soft and shiny his coat is, how clean his teeth are and what a wonderful personality he has.

We even enjoyed the book that came with our order, Obligate Carnivore, which was both entertaining and informative and further reinforced our reasons for not using commercial pet food. Using Vegdog was the best decision we could have made for our dog, and we want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. It feels good to be able to feed Steve healthy, quality meals without having to compromise our ideals. We attached a picture of Stevie with his favorite toy...a carrot, of course (don’t mind the closed eyes, he was chewing in his sleep!)
- Pia + Allyn
Photo: Stevie with his favorite toy
Muffin is almost 14 now, and I am very, very grateful for the recent improvements I’ve seen in Muffin’s health since she has become a vegetarian and started eating food supplemented with Vegedog.


I think the vast improvement in Muffin’s energy level is obviously attributable to Vegedog’s optimal nutrition (it certainly beats a diet of slaughterhouse by-products!), but I think too, that the sheer taste of real, fresh food gives Muffin something to look forward to and to be very happy about! Though Muffin’s certainly never been one to be picky about food (garbage and toilet water, anyone?), even she recognizes the difference in quality between her fresh brown rice/garbanzo/oatmeal/lentil-based meals versus traditional kibble.

Before she was on a vegetarian diet supplemented with Vegedog, she was extremely lethargic and completely unable to jump; now, she’s climbing onto counters and getting herself into trouble by trying to get her paws onto some more nutritional yeast! She’s regaining her ability to run, and although she is definitely getting older, she seems and acts much, much younger now than she did a year ago. Her fur has gotten softer and silkier, she’s lost some weight, she’s gained strength, and people whom I encounter on walks are always shocked to learn her age because she looks so good and seems so healthy! Also, our family vet was very surprised by the impressive results of her recent blood work!

I would highly recommend this product for any pet owner – not just because it is cruelty-free (which is very important), but because I think this is also the healthiest way to feed our beloved dogs
- Lisa W.
Photo: Muffin
My name is Gemini. I am 6 years old and have been vegan for a little over a year. I was eating other vegan dog food that was already made, but when my mom and dad made me the Vegedog food, I loved it so much they couldn’t get me the other stuff anymore.


My favorite meals are No Soy Kibble, Garbanzo and Soy, Oat and Soy and Lentil. They are all so good! I really like when my mom and dad put carrots and other veggies in my food with a little nutritional yeast!
- Gemini's Best Friend
Photo: Gemini
I just wanted to write to say thank you for making such wonderful products. My Emma has been vegan for two years now. I’ve been giving her Vegedog for one year now and just started giving her Vegeyeast. She loves the yeast! She’s a very happy, healthy, energetic girl and we always get comments about how happy & puppyish she is.
- Molly L.
Photo: Emma
Ginger, age 5, f-yellow lab, is thriving on the Vegepet diet with all of the supplements from Harbingers of a New Age (now Compassion Circle). She was rescued from a puppy mill situation over 5 years ago.
- Ginger's Best Friend
Photo: Ginger
Cocoa, age 8, m- chocolate lab and Ginger (also pictured on the Stories pages), age 5, f-yellow lab, eat the Vegepet diet with all of the supplements from Harbingers of a New Age. Both dogs were rescued from a pound (Cocoa) and puppy mill situation (Ginger), over 5 years ago.
Cocoa Rose Dog
- Cocoa's Best Friend
Photo: Cocoa
I have a golden lab named Janus who is nine years old. He has had arthritis for the past four or five years. Over this time he deteriorated to the point where he could hardly get up the basement stairs and was very stiff and in pain when standing after


laying down for long periods. It has been at least three years since he could jump into the back of our pickup. We either lift him in or carry stairs with us.

Since being on this diet, Janus has lost over 20 pounds, is now running, and has even jumped into the back of the pickup without assistance.

I make the Lentil-Sunflower recipe in large quantities (2 25-pound bags of lentils at a time) and then bake them into loaves and freeze them. That way I only have to make dog food once a month, or even less.

I was told one year ago by a vet that Janus wouldn’t last more than a year. My present vet tells me Janus is in excellent shape.
- Janus's Best Friend
Photo: Janus
Here is a picture of Speck. He’s been vegan for 1 year now. He is a very happy and healthy boy, and he sure loves his Vegedog recipes. Speck is 6 years old and is a mini (tweenie) Dachshund.
- Speck's Best Friend
Photo: Speck
Here is Speck’s brother Scooter, also vegan for 1 year, 6 years old, happy, healthy mini Dachshund.

Scooter had major back surgery in December 2001 for Inter-vertebral Disk Disease, which is pretty common among Dachshunds. He is doing great!


He also loves his Vegedog recipes. Thank you so much for making such a great product. Our dogs are healthy and we feel good knowing what they are eating.
- Scooter's Best Friend
Photo: Scooter
My name is Neptune and I am 7 years old. I have been vegan for over a year now and I feel great!!!

I don’t have as many skin and allergy problems as I used to have.


Like my brother Gemini, I was eating other vegan food for a while before my parents started making Vegedog food. But I too loved the Vegedog food so much, they couldn’t get the other food anymore!!!

I love carrots and really love them in any recipe. My favorite recipes are the No Soy Kibble, Oat and Soy, Lentil and Garbanzo and Soy. I really like my food warmed up a little and I love to eat!!!

I get so excited when my parents start to cook, but sometimes the food is for the cats...but I still try to eat that too!!!
- Neptune's Best Friend
Photo: Neptune
Vanya (age 10) and her son, Vladimir (age 5) have always been vegetarian. Since we’re going to breed Vladimir, we had his hips X-rayed for certification. He got “excellent” rating from O>F>A. -- top score!


He and his mom have beautiful coats and skin. Here in Florida, skin problems are very common -- hot spots, etc. Also, they don’t seem to attract fleas. People assume we “bomb” our house & soak our yard with pesticides, like everyone else seems to. They can’t believe the answer is diet.

Follow-up Note: Vladimir lived to be 13.
Vanya & Vladimir
- Vanya's & Vladamir's Best Friend
Photo: Vanya & Valdamir
We have been using VegePet products for 10 years now and are thrilled to have an ethical extension to our vegetarian diet which extends to all creatures in our home.[Including dogs: Zorra, Hombre & Kelly]


We have three cats and three dogs, age ranges 7 to 16. Unlike all the other pets in my life prior to VegePet, these animals don’t have any of the health problems associated with animal-based products, yet have amazing energy and healthy appearance.

They love the food we make, cooked as appropriate for them just every two weeks and stored in smaller containers in either the freezer or refrigerator for a virtually hassle-free experience.

Thanks to VegePet, we truly have a “cruelty-free” house.

P.S. Right after this photo was taken, everything blew up: one cat hissed at one dog, and the other dog jumped up and barked loudly, making all the cats scatter! It was a rare event to get them all together for a photo.
Three Vegan Dogs
- Loving Parents of 6 Vegan Cats & Dogs
Photo: Zorra, Hombre & Kelly
This is Degan. He has been a vegan for four years. He is healthy, sleek, and energetic. People find it hard to believe that he’s nine years old — he’s so playful (that) they think he’s a very young dog!


I’ve been vegan for about six years now. My reason for changing my diet was ethical, so it soon bothered me that my dog had to continue (I thought!) to support the slaughterhouse industry. I didn’t think I had a choice. However, through the PETA organization, I discovered that dogs could be vegetarians and that there was even a how-to book out on the subject. I was thrilled! Not knowing anyone else who shared my concern about the slaughterhouse industry, it was wonderful to discover other people felt as I did.

Degan does great on the Vegedog diet.
- Degan's Best Friend
Photo: Degan
Mary: Bambi is sort of like a mixed whippet and she’s fifteen. And then there is Fox. We got her at a pound and she looks like one of those little Eskimo dogs, but she’s mixed. And there’s Sheba, also from the pound. She’s a golden lab about two years old.


HOANA: ...you say the bark came back on your older dog?

Mary: Yes! It’s the weirdest thing as I was telling my oil man. In fact she saved our home. We have this finished basement and she was barking and the water was coming out of our pipes everywhere all over the basement. I mean, she saved us from a real disaster.

HOANA: Before this, she couldn’t bark?

Mary: She could not bark. Telling this to the oil man, he said, “What kind of a dog is it?” And I said “vegetarian.” And he just looked at me. To me it’s the only thing different. She didn’t bark for two years. She wasn’t eating vegetarian before, just the canned dog food.

HOANA: What recipe do you use for the dogs?

Mary: Well, they’ll eat them all. Mainly I make them tofu with rice because that seems to be easier. I use Minute Rice and add carrots. I’ll tell you, though, my dogs, really, I had no problems with them. I had a problem when they were eating dog food. My husband would get down on the floor and pretend he was going to eat it. That’s how much they hated dog food. And my husband’s so happy that he doesn’t have to play any games. In fact, they can hear me mixing the food and they’re waiting for it.

HOANA: Did I miss anything?

Mary: If only you could just see these animals and feel the texture of their fur. I think you should put that in because it’s very important. Their fur doesn’t fall out like it used to. It’s thicker! It’s summer now, and the cats are in the house. It’s amazing. I can’t say enough about it and I tell everybody. I’m so grateful..
- Mary
Interview with James Peden
Photo: Bambi
Jasper is our standard poodle. Jasper has been eating Vegepet recipes since 9 weeks of age.

He is now showing and when home, works as Wendy’s service dog to mitigate her disability.


We are happy to say that Jasper loves vegetables, fruits and yogurt and is a healthy boy!

Jasper has finished his conformation championship and is beginning to compete in obedience.

He is a standard poodle who comes from champions who were meat eaters, but since his breeder is interested in holistic medicine, she was behind us in starting him on a vegetarian diet.

He is calm when he is working, but is fun loving and vivacious in his home environment.

He knows about 100 words and 30 commands, and is only 18 months old!
- Jasper's Best Friend
Photo: Jasper
I learned about the option of feeding a vegan diet to dogs and cats in 2007, but when my boyfriend and me adopted Noel in 2008, I let him convince me into being careful by feeding “at least fish” to her until she was older.


So I bought a dog food that was formulated for puppies, contained sea fish and was very expensive. I only stuck to this omnivorous (rather carnivorous) diet until Noel was 5 1/2 months old, because she never liked it that much, anyway, and I became tired of buying dead animals.

She was then fed a commercially available, ready-made, vegan dog food until she was about 1 year old, when we had an accident: during her first winter, Noel licked up too much de-icing salt and suffered from an irritated gastrointestinal tract as a consequence. Afterwards, we were happy if she ate anything at all, and my boyfriend, who was ovo-lacto-vegetarian at the time, kept giving her eggs until she was about 2. Then he became a vegan himself, and, ever since, Noel has been vegan again.

Noel is now 3 1/2 years old and doing great on her vegan diet. She likes several brands of vegan dog food, but she likes home-prepared meals best. She loves broccoli, seitan, peas, chickpeas, noodles (of course), carrots, potatoes, nuts, melon, pumpkins, zucchini, oats, healthy vegetable oils... all of which I can enhance by adding Vegedog.

What I love about Vegedog is that all its great ingredients provide a “double bottom” in nutrients. Vegan food is great, but nutritionally supplemented vegan food gives you security. When you cook for your dog, and especially when you’re vegan, you don’t want to worry about any possible lack of nutrients.

Vegedog provides all kinds of nutrients, even a source of arachidonic acid and taurine, which would only be essential for cats, and thereby offers a complete formula I can trust in every day. I am very grateful for the existence of Vegedog and Vegecat and I hope that more (vegan) dog and cat guardians will start cooking for their loved ones using Vegepet and the Vegepet recipes.”
- Noel's Mom
Photo: Noel
Zach will be 12 in January. He has been eating Vegedog (kibble) for more than 6 years and he LOVES it. No cataracts, jumps and plays like a puppy still. We couldn’t be more pleased....

That’s a Mr. Barky’s in the photo... Zach knows how to spell M-R-B-A-R-K-Y-S, too.
- Zach's Best Friend
Photo: Zach
My cats and dog are very healthy since I have been giving them supplements from Compassion Circle. Vets in Tampa, FL said Vegecat phi and Vegedog are safe and all pets are healthy.
Cindy's Pup
- Cindy E.
Photo: Cindy's Baby
Jasmine is an absolute joy when it comes to food. She weaned onto the Vegedog garbanzo/tvp recipe as well as soy kibble recipe. The covered ceramic bowl in the kitchen, filled with freshly made Vegedog kibble, is the centerpiece of the table it sits on.


She and Ziggy always get kibble after a soft meal, as well as coming in from a potty break.

Convenient kibble (I make it every week or so) makes for easy training. She learned “down” in one day, and “roll over” in not much more. How she already knew the command “release” is beyond me.

A favorite treat between meals is raw cauliflower. I thinly slice tender florets, cut in smaller pieces, and mix with just a little nutritional yeast. If she gets oil in with it as well it she’ll eat it outside as a precaution, although she is very neat and eats over the platter.

Vitamix and Blend-Tec powerful blenders release nutrients in raw foods. They free nutrients from cell walls, doing the hard part of digestion, all without cooking. Needless to say, she loves to share Vitamix smoothies. Usually they consist of carrots, celery, collards (or romaine lettuce or parsley), broccoli, pumpkin seeds, Celtic sea salt, and raw agave nectar and water.

She is 3 months old in the picture above, and all of 20 pounds. We’re hoping she stops growing by 40 pounds, but really don’t know. Her dad weighed 60 and her mom 35 pounds.

She is now two years old and weighs 40 pounds. Just a perfect poochie in every way possible.

Compassion Circle Update:

Jasmine Rose (Jazz) is now 10-years old and still in perfect health. She also still enjoys her garbanzos. You can see more up-to-date photos of Jazz on the Vegedog labels and on our website.

Please Note: The Vegepup supplement is the appropriate supplement for puppies under 10- to 12-months old. When Jazz was a puppy, Vegedog had a different formulation and was used for puppies and adult dogs.
Jazz vegan Puppy
- James Peden
The original formulator of the Vegepet Supplements and Owner of Harbingers of a New Age
Photo: Jasmine Rose
Ziggy arrived 3 years ago, very overweight. Yorkies aren’t supposed to weigh 16 pounds! His former owner kept Ziggy outside with two large dogs, giving Ziggy little special attention. Of course, his favorite thing to do was to eat, when he wasn’t escaping from his fenced yard.


Lucky for us, and lucky for Ziggy, his mistress won the million dollar lottery and decided to travel and dispose of her dogs. We were first in line for Ziggy when she gave him away.

Kathi asked him, “Would you like a new Mommy?” He didn’t take a moment to say yes and he didn’t even look back as his former caretaker drove away. He stunk, was grossly overweight, wasn’t housebroke and was dirty but a little pooch had just found his heaven filled with love.

The first thing he did was raid the cat’s bowl in the kitchen. He didn’t know that it was Vegecat kibble but absolutely loved it. That was the last time he ever ate commercial kibble. He wouldn’t touch the commercial kibble that was left with him. He relished the Vegedog diet and promptly dropped four pounds of excess weight. He’s big boned for a Yorkshire terrier and between 11 and 12 pounds looks just right, which he has maintained for the last few years.

He absolutely adores Kathi, and I love him as much as she does. It’s just that he seems to be a one favorite person pooch (we don’t like calling him a dog). His favorite thing is everything, as long as it’s close to his beloved mistress, Kathi.

We all hike in the mountains, getting there usually by motorcycle. He rides between us on the Honda, with his own “doggles” and scarf in a turned around modified backpack. We’ve traveled thousands of miles in this fashion, and he loves the adventures we get into as much as we do.

About every two weeks we make Vegedog kibble for him. After every meal he gets three pieces to keep his teeth and gums healthy. We take the kibble with us when traveling. His regular meal is the Garbanzo recipe with Vegedog, topped with Prozyme enzymes. Needless to say, we look forward to many more lovely years with our happy vegan Ziggy.
- James Peden
The original formulator of the Vegepet Supplements and Owner of Harbingers of a New Age
Photo: Ziggy

Customer Reviews • The Vegepup Diet

Merlin is truly thriving with your Vegepup, and I think the garbanzo bean recipe is his favorite. I do add a little bit of vegetarian canned for flavor and whatever veggies I have on hand. He loves broccoli the most.


I also discovered, to my delight, he loves Green Mush! He still thinks what the elder dogs are eating is extra special, but it doesn’t keep him from eating his own food.

I found it’s really nice to save and freeze the aquafaba from the garbanzo beans and then heat up and pour over his meals. The beans can be a little dry and he seems to like it a bit more moist.

I always mix Prozyme Plus in every meal to ensure the best absorption of nutrients, especially because he is a growing puppy.
- Linda L.
Photo: Merlin

Customers Reviews • The Vegecat Diet

Although I have four vegan cats that I adore equally, I feel most inclined to write you about my 2-year-old Russian Blue, Fletcher. All of my cats were strays, coming from a variety of backgrounds, but Fletcher’s past is, doubtless, the most depressing and pathetic.


My boyfriend, Ben, found Fletcher a year ago on a subway in New York City. He lived in a small crate that was caked with filth. Two homeless boys, barely able to care for themselves, fed him what they could from time to time. When Ben bought Fletcher off of them for 20 dollars, it did not look like he was going to make it. He was obviously severely dehydrated and malnourished. he had great difficulty walking; it seemed that the muscles in his legs had atrophied from living in the crate. His head was enormous for his small, bloated body and his fur was dry and matted. he was infested with fleas, mites, intestinal worms, and ringworm was spreading on various parts of his body.

He also had severe behavioral problems, as would be expected, and had a tendency to attack rather viciously when something scared him.

He was such a mess it was overwhelming, but I was afraid that a veterinarian would insist on putting him to sleep. So we decided to do our best on our own. Knowing where to begin was the most difficult part. We bathed him, cleaned out his ears, and used various herbs to treat the mites and ringworm (tea tree oil is excellent for getting rid of fungus). We treated him very specially and with great care so as not to frighten him. We warned visitors not to pet him (we lived in a very tiny one bedroom and couldn’t really isolate him), but not many people wanted to visit us; everyone thought we were crazy.

Only a few months earlier I had begun the transition to feeding my two other cats a vegetarian diet. So Fletcher was introduced to my cats’ favorite food at the time -- ground chickpeas and brown rice mixed with veggies, oil, tamari, Vegecat, and tons of nutritional yeast. I also encouraged him to drink a lot; he especially loved soy milk (it’s still his favorite today), and to eat liquid vitamin E to help his skin heal.

Needless to say, he was by far the easiest to convert to a vegetarian diet (I’ve converted four other cats to date). He still eats his food with gusto and maintains a perfect body weight.

Two months after we took Fletcher off the subway, we were moving to San Francisco. In order to take him on the plane, we had to get him a health certificate. We took him to a holistic veterinarian. Upon examining Fletcher, the vet commented on what a beautiful and healthy cat he was and what a wonderful disposition he had. I laughed as I told him the condition we found him in only two months earlier. The vet was incredulous.

He was also interested in the natural treatments I used. I mentioned the various herbs and vitamins. But I also told him that I felt strongly that the healthy, vegetarian diet greatly contributed to Fletcher’s quick recovery. As an ethical vegetarian, support the slaughterhouse by purchasing pet food was always a dilemma for me. Discovering your product was a lifesaver, literally!
- Fletcher's Mom
Photo: Fletcher
My cat Layla had a chronic bladder infection. She was on medication from the vet three to four times per year for the last four years. When she was not on medication I managed to keep it under some control with liquid vitamin C. Any stressful situation (i.e., moving) caused a flare-up.


Since being on Vegecat she has not had any more trouble. I have not even been giving her the vitamin C. We make the Oat-Soy recipe and add chopped up carrots and sprouts. I found that I had hardly any trouble talking them into this new diet, also. … As a vegan it distressed me that I had to compromise my beliefs to feed my family in the past. I wish I had read your book sooner. I could have saved Layla and Janus a lot of pain and suffering.
- Layla's Best Friend
Photo: Layla
Schmeeder and Friends:

My cats have been eating vegan food made with the recipes and supplements from Vegepet for over ten years. Schmeeder is now 11 and Gaudi is 14. Everyone is in great health.


The cats that I already had when I started making vegan food had to be weaned onto it; I had the best results by making ‘gooey’ food (lentil & soy) that I could mix with commercial canned meat food and very gradually increasing the proportion of vegan food till they were eating all vegan food. It’s been my experience since then, though, that when I adopt a new cat, they accept the vegan food immediately. I think it makes sense to them that they are in a whole new environment and this is what cats eat here. “When in Rome.”

I tried several of the recipes and have settled on two that they like the best. One is the Lentil & Soy recipe (which they prefer quite watery so it is more like a stew, not thick like play-dough). They prefer this made with TVP that is in smaller chunks; I buy Bob’s Red Mill TVP from Whole foods, and find that they prefer this to Whole Foods brand TVP, which is in bigger chunks. I make a quadruple batch of this and freeze it in quarts, which I then thaw as I need them. Then I shred a bit of fresh carrots to add to each quart after it’s thawed.

The other recipe that they like is the VegeKibble. In addition to making the VegeKibble twice-baked as in Hoana’s recipes, I also make it baked just once and cut into bite-size pieces, which I think of as ‘Krumpet’ since it is a bread-like texture. Then I also leave out a dish of the twice-baked ‘Kibble’ which they can munch on between meals.

I make a double batch of Kibble on four cookie sheets. I use ‘parchment paper’ (available in the baking section of grocery stores) to line the cookie sheets so there is no need to grease them and clean-up is much easier. I use more water than the recipe calls for, which makes the dough softer, and I can just press it into the cookie sheets with my hands instead of rolling it out with a rolling pin. I add a half cup of ‘flax seed meal’ (available at Whole Foods stores) to each recipe, which is great for omega-3 fatty acids and adds a nice texture and taste too. I also add a handful of seaweed of some kind. I have used many different kinds of un-flavored seaweed from Asian grocery stores, or ‘dulse flakes’ from Whole Foods markets, and the cats like any of of these.

Then after it’s baked (once) I cut it into slabs 1/4 the size of the cookie sheet and freeze these, thawing out a few slabs every few days and cutting them into bite-size pieces.

People often remark what beautiful coats my cats have, and how bright and shiny their eyes are, and they ask me what I feed them. Naturally I am happy to spread the word about vegan recipes and VegePet. Vets especially are quite surprised, having believed they needed meat.

I think you can’t argue with over ten years of health on a vegan diet! If they ‘needed’ meat, surely they would have wasted away by now! Thanks, James, for doing all the research so that other animals no longer need to suffer and die for the purpose of feeding our pets.
- Schmeeder's Mom
Photo: Schmeeder
Bright-eyed Gaudi is 14 years old and has been vegan for ten years.

Please see "Schmeeder and Friends" for more of the story.
- Gaudi's Best Friend
Photo: Gaudi
Razzi and Coconut were both born deaf. They joined our family with Tomato. I adopted them from a shelter where I volunteer.

Razzi was 10 wks old when he came home with me and he started on vege meals immediately with no transition. He is now 3 years old and is the biggest fan of the vege meals and kibble. I can hardly keep him out of the mixing bowl when I’m preparing vege meals and he tries to eat the kibble mix dough even before I get it in the oven. He usually purrs when he eats his vegemeals. How’s that for letting you know he likes it!
Razzi and Coconut
- Diane
Photo: Razzi & Coconut
Razzi and Coconut were both born deaf. They joined our family with Tomato. I adopted them from a shelter where I volunteer.

Coconut joined our family about 1 year ago at 6 months of age. She had no problem starting on the vege meals and loves them. She too had no transition period, though I did try thinking she would need one. She immediately went for the vege meals instead of the commercial pet food.


What a joy to know I have broken the link to the slaughterhouses. I have a total peace of mind knowing exactly what is in the food and where it comes from. Preparing and mixing their food allows me to add my love into the ingredients and serve my precious animal companions food that is fresh, wholesome and totally balanced for their nutritional needs.

After I had worked in a vet office for several years and seeing the practice of over vaccinating, the feeding of commercial foods and many, many sick animals including my own, I started doing my own research. Once you start to see the difference in the health of your own pets after they have been eating vege meals you will start noticing the poor health of many other companion pets by the condition of their oily and dull coats, bloated fat stomachs, terrible bad breath, bad teeth and smelly stools and their whole attitudes. Whenever people comment on how healthy my animal companions look, I tell people my pets are vegetarians like me. People almost always say, “but cats are carnivores and need meat”. I tell them I supply them with what they need through balanced supplements and products from HOANA and non meat foods. Very few people wanted to hear any more. But recently with the unfortunate events of so many animals that have had to suffer and die from contaminated commercial pet food, it has brought about a turning point that has helped many people open their eyes to the commercial pet food industry and just how truly bad it really is for our beloved companion animals. People are starting to realize and know what really goes does into commercial pet food. The stories some people have heard about really are true. Now more people are starting to listen and want to know what I have known and been doing for the last 6 years.

I am so happy to take the time to tell people all about HOANA and how to make homemade vege meals and kibble. When you switch your pets off commercial dried kibble food and canned food to vege meals you will see as I did, the oily dull coats, bloat, fat bellies, bad breath, bad teeth and smelly stools go away completely. And instead you will see a animal that is slim, healthy, active, playful, happy with a soft, shiny coat, sweet smelling breath, bright clean teeth and non offensive smelly stools. And you too can feel good about breaking the link to the slaughterhouses because you are no longer contributing to the pain and suffering of the animals that share this planet with us. And you might find yourself making the transition to becoming a vegetarian along with your precious animal friends.

I am so happy and honored to be a part of the growing family of HOANA. I have shared your website with so many people. It feels so good to know how much we are helping the animals.
Razzi and Coconut
- Diane
Photo: Razzi & Coconut
I have just recently begun using your pet food supplements, with more initial success than I dreamed possible! In addition to my mixed-breed household pets, I have a small colony of purebred Chartreux cats, the oldest natural breed of domestic feline in the world. Ironically, these beautiful animals were at one time hunted for their pelts and their meat.


I had sought after a vegetarian diet for my cats for years, but, like everyone else, constantly ran up against a brick wall. (When I learned of Vegecat), I immediately ordered some. Though some of my brood are still holding out for their kibbles, many (especially the younger ones not yet set in their ways) flock around when they see me get out the mixing bowl. I’ve had great fun with the recipes in the book, and now understand the proportions well enough to make up some of my own. The cats on the diet are really thriving so far. In fact, at a cat show this past weekend, one of my kittens received a “Best Kitten in Show” award. The judge remarked on his excellent condition, and I was very proud to announce that he is a vegetarian!

Though the word “breeder” tends to have a bad connotation these days, I believe, as in all walks of life, there are “good” ones and “bad” ones. The good ones breed with respect and intelligence, producing kittens in moderate numbers. Cat shows draw many spectators, and provide a wonderful opportunity to cultivate love and understanding of all cats, and to educate on matters of proper care, humane issues, etc. I will be most happy to endorse and recommend Vegecat at shows, to kitten buyers and whenever possible, if you don’t mind a “breeder” doing so.

From a Follow-up Letter:
I am still experiencing success using Vegepet supplements in my cattery, and am enclosing a couple of “testimonial” type photographs. One is of Velure Gelfling, a Chartreux female kitten whom we affectionately nicknamed “Itty Bitty Kitty Witty!” Her mom’s milk ran out when she was but four weeks old (most Chartreux don’t complete the weaning process until eight to ten weeks) and due to her small size, I feared she would not survive. I tried giving her some Vegecat recipe I made and blended into a gruel, and she loved it! She began to grow and prosper, and I was happy to make her the “flower girl” at my wedding!

The second photo is of Velure Eden, being looked over by CFA judge Wain Harding at the Pro/Plan CFA Invitational Cat Show held in Dallas, Texas in November [1991]. Although the show was sponsored by Purina(!), I made sure to bring Eden’s favorite Vegecat recipe (I have found that for traveling, since lack of refrigeration is a problem, I can mix dry ingredients and carry jars of organic baby food — like Earth’s Best — then combine the two at mealtime.) Eden was Best Chartreux Premier in Show. (I might add that I use Purina Rabbit Chow in my litter boxes, a much healthier alternative to conventional clay litter.)

At a recent after show part attended by cat breeders, the subject of diet cropped up. When I stated that a large portion of my cats’ rations are homemade, the first words out of another breeder’s mouth were, “That’s bad.” How sad that it is automatically assumed that something we make with our own hands, knowing the source of each ingredient, is automatically inferior to some uniform looking brown pellets that come in a fancy wrapper. How trusting we are, or how easily duped… I do have to admit that I still use some of those brown pellets in my cattery for the sake of convenience, and so that those cats and kits who are eventually adopted into other homes can easily make the transition. That’s okay… the “New Age” is coming…

Lilly is a little blind due to a car accident (the incident happened before we adopted her and was the reason for her being in a rescue centre) but she gets on just as normal.

Her favourite pastime is wandering around the garden with our two dogs Alfie and Suzy. We had wanted a cat for a long time, but didn’t feel we could justify the killing of animals for food, so Vegecat was a miracle to us.

Lilly is very much enjoying her life of leisure here and now we couldn’t live without her. Thank you for your excellent product.[/expand]
- Catherine
Photo: Itty Bitty Kitty Witty (Velure Gelfling)
Hermione was born in 2004. She has been eating Vegecat kibble for most of her life. Her coat is luxurious, her eyes are bright, her energy level zippy. She charges through the house like a herd of buffaloes, from the farthest corner of the bedroom to the top of the “cat tree” in the dining room.


She begs for quack grass when I come in from the backyard, so I have to bring her 4 or 5 blades of grass on a daily basis. I think of that grass as her salad. Her overall health has been excellent for 8 years. I am proud to tell visitors that she is a strict vegetarian cat (she still wears fur).

The main thing I feed her is kibble with a small coating of mashed squash, sweet potato or pumpkin along with a few kernels of corn, dusted with nutritional yeast. For variety, I mash a small amount of peas, garbanzo, or sometimes refried beans in as well. For extra nutrition, I give her cooked romaine lettuce or spinach (boiled with the few kernels of frozen corn), toasted nori, or a smidge of spirulina. This cat does not like some other things I have read about on this site: tofu, tempeh, soybeans or lentils.

Thank you for giving me this option for raising my cat without the slaughterhouse byproducts. I learned about what the actual ingredients were in commercial pet food. I read Obligate Carnivore by Jed Gillen before making my decision to try the “vegan” diet for cats. I adopted Jed’s rationale that if vegetarian cat food was at least as good for the cat as the average bag of cat food on the shelf at the grocery store, then it was worth all the effort. I am confident that benchmark was easily met with the Vegecat product line.
- Jody
Photo: Hermione
Our cats are well and thriving on their Vegecat. The good news is the excellent effect Vegecat had on Melaney, our beautiful Siamese. Mel is 10 years old, and was acting her age. But after just two or three weeks of Vegecat supplement, she was literally racing around and behaving as playfully as a kitten.


It was wonderful to see her return to her old self. Ossie, our chinchilla, also benefited.

...Did I ever tell you Melaney won two first prizes at the local cat show on her vegetarian diet? Alas, her prizes included a complimentary tin of horrible old Jellymeat!

Of the cats who have given me the privilege of their friendship, Melaney was my favorite. We had her for twelve years. No photo we took ever did her justice. She was at least half Siamese and had the proud grace of a princess. The lion is acknowledged king of the animals, and Mel knew she was his tiny domesticated cousin, but his cousin nonetheless. We first noticed the airs when she was a kitten. At the time I was fascinated by the hauteur of this nondescript black kitten. It wasn’t till she was half grown that her pedigree became apparent. That is, to us; Melaney herself always knew she was class!
- Melaney's Best Friend
Photo: Melaney
Mussi is my best friend and has been vegan since 1995. He is 14-years-young and loves the Vegecat recipes.
- Mussi's Best Friend
Photo: Mussi
Lilly is a rescue cat and has lived with us for a good few months now, and is happy and healthy. She went on to Vegecat pretty much as soon as we got her and took to it very well. It only took her a couple of weeks to get used to it.


Her favourite meal is oatmeal and she loves mashed potato too! She is very cheeky and is always asking for more. As soon as she hears a clink of a spoon she comes running.

Lilly is a little blind due to a car accident (the incident happened before we adopted her and was the reason for her being in a rescue centre) but she gets on just as normal.

Her favourite pastime is wandering around the garden with our two dogs Alfie and Suzy. We had wanted a cat for a long time, but didn’t feel we could justify the killing of animals for food, so Vegecat was a miracle to us.

Lilly is very much enjoying her life of leisure here and now we couldn’t live without her. Thank you for your excellent product.
- Phoebe
Photo: Lilly
Here is a picture of Irene, who lives with Coco, Rosabella, Grace, and me. She came to live with us 2 1/2 years ago, and was the only one of the 4 who didn’t go for her Vegecat meals right away - she just didn’t get that it was her food. A little vegan Parmesan was all it took for her to cross over.
- Mom of Irene, Coco, Rosabella, & Grace
Photo: Irene
Rosabella and her mama Coco were rescued by members of a local humane organization in late March 2002. Rosabella and her 5 litter mates were about 2 weeks old, and had been surviving a harsh Minnesota March. They spent the next 7 weeks in foster care, then Rosa and her mama came to live with me in mid-May, and have been vegan since July 2002.


Rosabella is almost a year old now, and she’s quite lanky and sassy. Her coat is amazing - plush, shimmery, and sweet-smelling. She and Coco eat all the same stuff that Grace does, except for papaya and coconut.

Rosabella’s favorite toy is a cotton swab. I buy her organic ones, which she tackles and destroys. She runs around with one sticking straight out of her mouth, then drops it into my boot or her water bowl and tries to get it back out again. She also loves playing with Grace - the usual gravity-defying kitten antics.
- Mom of Irene, Coco, Rosabella, & Grace
Photo: Rosabella
Coco was rescued almost a year ago with Rosabella and her 5 other kittens. She was either feral or a long term stray, missing a toe, a tooth, and quite a bit of her tail. She and Rosabella have grown very comfortable and fond of me, but they will still dive under the armchair and hide if anyone comes over.


Since moving in with me, Coco has become playful and affectionate, and doesn’t seem to miss being outside at all.

I am amazed at how far she has come. Her ability to love and trust after all she endured before she was rescued is a constant inspiration to me. She is strong and sleek, and her short tabby coat is thick and very shiny. Like Rosa and Grace, she liked her home made vegan dinners from the very start, and the transition caused no digestive issues. We’ll celebrate her 3rd birthday this month along with Rosabella’s and Grace’s 1st.
- Mom of Irene, Coco, Rosabella, & Grace
Photo: Coco
This is Grace, who showed up on the doorstep on Nov 10, 2002, meowing to beat the band. I ran to the door and opened it, she jumped into my arms and gave me a big purring hug.


She has been with us ever since, eating Vegekit with garbanzos or lentils and tofu, Vegeyeast, Nama Shoyu, and Bariani olive oil, with a splash of soy milk and sometimes fresh grated zucchini or avocado on top. She loved this food right away and had no problems with the transition.

Her coat is silvery-shiny and she has tons of jungle energy at about a year old and 5 lbs. Her favorite treats are tempeh, green soybeans, young coconut, papaya, avocado, Soy Dream vegan ice cream, and Tofurkey deli slices.

She still loves to hug - she even hugged the vet tech once right after a shot! She loves everybody!
- Mom of Irene, Coco, Rosabella, & Grace
Photo: Grace
Pumpkin and Wylie are both ten months old, very healthy, and have been vegetarians ever since I got them at ten weeks from the local animal shelter. They really enjoy their food, their favorites being garbanzos, and rice and soy to which we add celery, green pepper, and kohlrabi (all steamed).


Compassion Circle Note: We deeply regret that we are no longer offering the Vegekit supplement for kittens. There are commercial, ready-made vegan food options for kittens under 10- to 12-months of age. Please look into Benevo Duo and Evolution food for kittens.
- Pumpkin's Best Friend
Photo: Pumpkin
[To James Peden, formulator of Vegecat and former owner of Harbingers of a New Age]

I am writing to thank you with all my heart. All your suggestions worked out, and Blueberry, who was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, contrary to what all meat-eating, meat-pushing vets thought here, is doing well.


In a few simple emails, you have saved my 18 cats and all the other animals who would have been slaughtered to feed them torture-infected flesh. I will always be grateful to your book, Vegetarian Cats & Dogs, and your company Harbingers of A New Age, for keeping the faith that conversion is possible.

Blueberry’s pics are attached. It would be great if you can include her story – a cat surviving against all odds simply because she eliminated what was killing her – the death in her former cat food. Also attached is a pic of Faith and a pic of Hans saying yummy to vegan food.

My 18 rescued cats barely leave me a chance to breathe, and each of them views me as his/her personal gourmet corporate menu caterer, vegepet included!

It’s insane that a company like yours hasn’t been flourishing while regular cat food companies continue to sell meat that is recalled and while pet lovers and their “vets” continue to wonder why their cats are sick.

For whatever it’s worth, I think Vegepet is revolutionary in that it dismantles the supposed ultimate carnivore’s (the cat’s) ‘need’ for meat and leaves no room for the justification of cruelty no matter what profit-making lies the meat and mainstream catfood industry try to propagate in order to protect their multimillion-dollar enterprises and to protect their consciences from the truth.

It might take people time to realize the achievement HOANA embodies, but the longer it takes them to acknowledge the suffering and disease included in what they feed their pets, the longer their pets will suffer and the costlier the medical expenses. Whether with regard to pets’ own health or with regard to saving other animals slaughtered for pet food, Vegepet offers all animals the gift of life.

I will do everything I can to spread the word about your company. It’s time for meat-pushers to be shown for who they are.
- Hania
Photo: Blueberry
Henry the cat came to live with us on March 1, 2007.

He showed up with ear mites, tape worms, and healing bite marks on one of his ankles. He demanded to live with Coco, Rosabella, Grace, Irene and me, and now he is stuck with us. He is about a year and a half old, and although he is getting over his fear of the girls,


...he still hides behind the toilet when he hears even the tiniest little bit of thunder.

Henry loves....
*to eat twice his own weight in home cooked vegan meals three times a day.
*peanut butter!!!
*sticking his head in the toilet bowl and watching the water swirl around when I flush.
* avidly watching birds and other fairyland creatures from the window ledges.
*crawling under rugs and pretending to hide.
*chasing, playing with, and chewing on cotton swabs.
P.S. (July, same year)

Henry wasn’t stuck with us after all! He has gone to live with a wonderful family where he is so much happier than he could ever have been with the girls and me. He now lives on a lot of beautiful pastoral property with a horse barn, where he romps and roams during the day and sleeps with his new humans at night. His new family, which includes two big dogs and a couple of cats, adores him, and I get to visit him every week. He and Eddy the cat are best friends and spend many happy hours running around the property together. Henry is now like a prince enjoying his kingdom, and my 4 girls enjoy having our cozy little apartment back to “normal!”

Although Henry is no longer vegan, he was, for 4 1/2 months, an enthusiastic fan of home made Vegecat recipes. He gained about a pound and a half during that time and his coat went from very dandruffy to extra-shiny and dandruff-free.
- Henry's Temporary Mama
Photo: Henry
I am the newest edition to a family of 2 cats (Adhara and Zuben) and 2 dogs (Gemini and Neptune). When I came to this family, all of the other guys were vegan. My parents thought it might be hard to get me to try the new food, but I loved it from the second they put it down and never touched that other food again!


I go crazy when my parents get the mixing bowl out and I jump up on the counter ready to help. Sometimes when my parents are getting me off of the counter they have dough on their hands and I always try to eat it. It is SO YUMMY!!!
- Rebekah
Photo: Calliope
I read James Peden’s book a while back and read it in a short time. We were just recently able to purchase the Vegepet supplements for our 4 kids (2 cats, 2 dogs).


Since we were preparing the cats to try new things, they would eat many new things and I anticipated an easy transition to the kibble. The dogs are already vegan, but I want to make their food also and they will eat lots of yummy stuff anyway. Before I could finish cutting the dough to prepare to put it in the oven again Zuben, (the more outgoing cat when it come to food for sure) was up on the counter eating as fast as he could before I put him down. (which I hope is ok, it was cooked but not all the way). So Zuben is NO PROBLEM!!! He already rejects the other food. I put it down to see if he would eat it and he won’t.
- Rebekah
Photo: Zuben
[After corresponding with James Peden who suggested Spirulina as a palatability enhancer.]

Just wanted to let you know how excited I am...the spirulina worked!!!! Adhara now loves the kibble... I am so happy...Adhara gets is all over her! It is so funny. I assumed that she wouldn’t like that because she didn’t like seaweed or other kelp.
- Rebekah
Photo: Adhara
We have been using VegePet products for 10 years now and are thrilled to have an ethical extension to our vegetarian diet which extends to all creatures in our home.

We have three cats (Mia, Kodak, and Rosie) and three dogs, age ranges 7 to 16. Unlike all the other pets in my life prior to VegePet, these animals don’t have any of the health problems associated with animal-based products, yet have amazing energy and healthy appearance.


They love the food we make, cooked as appropriate for them just every two weeks and stored in smaller containers in either the freezer or refrigerator for a virtually hassle-free experience.

Thanks to VegePet, we truly have a “cruelty-free” house.
- Best Friend of 6
Photo: Kodak
I have three cats, two dogs and my daughter found a white rabbit outside. The bunny sleeps in a dog bed and goes in the kitty litter and has the run of the basement. All of the animals get along, which is quite a miracle.

I tried many of the different recipes, but the only one that my cats and dogs would eat is the one that I make using the oats and textured vegetable protein. I like being able to mix up a big batch of it ahead of time because it goes fast enough as it is with all of the animals I have.
- Carol
Photo: Eclipse
Lil John was born April 6, 1995 in our home. He is now 18 years young.

He has always been a “Vegecat” and been in very good health. He is still quite frisky and loves his catnip.
Lil John
- Mary
Photo: Lil John
Meet Nigel. My cats have been eating vegan food made with the recipes and supplements from Vegepet for over ten years. Everyone is in great health! Please see "Schmeeder and Friends" for more of the story.​
- Nigel's Mom
Photo: Nigel
I rescued Tomato when he was about 1 1/2 years old off the streets as a stray about 12 years ago. Within 6 months he was having terrible problems with cystitis. After many bouts he finally had reconstructive surgery to open his urethra.


This was a very serious operation and not one to take lightly with a long recovery time. He had to stay in the hospital for 7 days.

For many years Tomato continued to have problems with his cystitis. I tried many different commercial foods and medications along with another surgery to remove bladder stones. I started making my own homemade meat meals recipes formulated from a vet. This helped a little, but Tomato’s troubles with cystitis continued. Not to mention I was now having to deal with handling raw meat, which being a vegetarian, I did not like it at all.

For years I had wished there was a way to feed my kitties balanced vegetarian meals. I have a friend from Mexico and she said they where too poor to afford meat and everyone including their cats (who must have hunted as well) and dogs ate beans and rice, and their animal companions where very healthy and lived for many years. So I knew somehow my animal companions could be vegetarians too. I just had to find a way to give them a balanced diet formulated for their systems.

I then found HOANNA through a friend. After only a few months on veggie meals and veggie kibble made with Vegecat phi supplement Tomato has not had one problem with cystitis and takes no medications since becoming a vegecat.

I’m proud to say he has been a kitty vegetarian for 6 years. Many thanks goes to James and HOANA.
- Diane
Photo: Tomato
All our kids eat plant based and are just as healthy as can be! Thanks for helping us keep them this way without causing harm to other innocent animals.
Hello Fellows,

To convert to a vegan cat is a little difficult but possible.

For the garbanzo beans, use a little meat grinder; it is easier than a blender or food processor. Pass all ingredients through the grinder. Always use the recommended portions to make the rice, beans, oats.Read more...

Use your talent to add some flavor and nutrition to the Vegecat meal. Make the rice and beans flavor desirable for yourself, you will be surprised how human-like they are.

Make this stew juicy enough to be able to easily mix in dry food if needed to entice cats. You can use Wysong Vegan dog and cat food. This is not nutritionally complete and is expensive, but is temporally acceptable since it is Vegan.

First you have to mix very little amounts of this with the dry food. This Vegecat can be added gradually in greater quantities to their base food.

You will experience better karma.

Customer Reviews • Green Mush™

My senior rat lost the use of his back legs. I started adding Green Mush to his cereals, and after just two weeks, he was using those legs again!
- Carol L.
Benji, my sheltie dog of eighteen years had hip dysplasia so bad that he was falling down when walking, and could not get up. I thought I had to put him to sleep, but my daughter got him on Green Mush and the difference is unbelievable! He looks younger and can walk without falling. I feel as if Ben has been given a new lease on life.
Millie M.

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