Your dog and cat can thrive on a vegan diet.



Home prepared meals, when properly supplemented, are superior to commercial food.


Vegepet™ Products & Info

Your canine or feline companions will thrive on a home prepared, vegan diet that is supplemented with the appropriate Vegepet supplement. Our vitamin and mineral mixes and recipes ensure your companion animal gets ALL their essential nutritional requirements from a vegan or vegetarian diet. Time tested Vegepet supplements fill in the nutritional gaps common in home prepared food and the Vegepet diets meet the most up-to-date AAFCO nutrient requirements.

Since 1986, Vegepet products have helped many thousands of caring pet caretakers change their pets’ diets. It is much safer and healthier – less contaminated by heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides, etc. – to prepare meals for your loved ones using foods that you trust in your own kitchen. For many it is worth the extra time for peace of mind and once a routine is established the meal preparations are quite simple.

Each Vegepet product ships with easy recipes for a variety of tasty meals, including dry kibble. Recipes require the addition of food yeast for B vitamins – use our VegeYeast, nutritional yeast, or brewer’s yeast.


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Green Mush™
Vegedog™ for Adult Dogs
Vegepup for Puppies & Mamas
Vegecat™ for Adult Cats
Vegecat phi™ for Adult Cats & Cats with Urinary Issues
Vegekit™ for Kittens
VegeYeast for Dogs & Cats
Digestive Enzymes for All Animals




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