The Fresh and Flexible Meal Plan

The Fresh & Flexible Meal Plan

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The Fresh & Flexible™ Meal Plan: The Easiest, Most Nutritious Way to Feed Your Dog and Cat.

By: Jan Allegretti, D.Vet.Hom.

Publication June 2023
ISBN: 979-8-9882814-0-5
Page Count: 112


This book is a wonderful tool for maximizing the health of your animal companion…. Don’t tell my colleagues, but if you follow this plan you will have far fewer veterinary bills.” – Dr. Richard Pitcairn, co-author of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats


The Fresh & Flexible™ meal plan is an innovative approach that changes everything you thought you knew about “dog food” and “cat food,” so you can start feeding fresh, nutritious meals safely and easily—with no separate food to buy, no special recipe to follow, and without doing any additional cooking. This simple book explains it all, including:

  • The single most important ingredient in any healthy diet
  • The little-known risks of feeding kibble and canned food
  • Why feeding different foods every day is actually more nutritious—and safer—than using a commercial food or a home-prepared recipe

With this groundbreaking, common-sense approach, you’ll see your friend’s health and vitality blossom while both of you enjoy the pleasure that delicious, health-sustaining meals can provide.



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