Separation Flower Essence 1/2oz

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1/2oz Flower Essence for Separation Anxiety
Preserved in a Decoction of Red Shiso (of the mint family)

Information from Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

When it comes to Flower Essences, we could all learn from the animals in our lives. Animals are completely open to the healing electrical data of Green Hope Farm Flower Essences. This means they will often show improvement in their health and well-being after only a few exposures to a Flower Essence.

Flower Essences are safe and gentle tools. Green Hope Farm Flower Essences are the electrical wisdom of the Flowers preserved in a decoction of Red Shiso, a member of the mint family. Because Flower Essences offer their immense healing gifts energetically, there are none of the drawbacks of chemical medicine. They are completely safe to work with whether you use them alone or alongside other healing modalities. You can give animals as many remedies as you feel they need.

This remedy addresses all issues of separation anxiety.

~ Offers support animals navigating time alone or in the care of people other than their pack leaders.
~ Excellent to put in our animals’ water bowl when we are away from home.
~ Helpful for any child or person dealing with separation anxiety.

Ingredients: Borage, Bunchberry, Chamomile, Dogberry, Feverfew, Goldenrod, Honeysuckle, Joe Pye Weed, Maltese Cross, Meadow Rue, Omey Island, Pale Pink Rose, Pink Tecoma, Spruce, Trillium, White Bleeding Heart

Suggested Use: Flower Essences can be taken in food or water, rubbed on paw pads, ear tips, or fur, or mixed with water and spritzed around an animal or in the rooms where the animal lives. All of these methods are effective because it is the animal’s electrical system that reads and learns from the energetic information of our Flower Essences and animals’ electrical systems extend out from their bodies. A couple of drops of a Flower Essence several times a day is usually ample.

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