Save_LolitaTime sensitive announcement! We have recently been made aware of the heartbreaking plight of a Killer Whale (they are actually large Dolphins) named Lolita, whose close family unit was torn apart in 1970, when hunters caught several of them, killed several others, and traumatized them all. As their mother grieved loudly and miserably, a number of the youngsters were shipped off, separately, to amusement parks around the world for a miserable life of enslavement for the sake of human “entertainment.” Lolita is the only remaining survivor, and has been living in the world’s smallest enclosure for an animal of her size for over 40 years! The Miracle March for Lolita will take place on January 17, 2015 in Florida, with simultaneous solidarity events taking place in other cities around the world. For more info on Lolita’s situation and how you can help, here are some sites you can visit (it’s worthwhile to take a look at them all):





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