New Formula Serving Sizes BelowVegedog™ supplements manufactured from August/September 2015 onward use a finer grain calcium, causing a volume increase. Products have the same gram/ounce measurements and will last as long as before. This switch necessitated container changes as well as serving size adjustments. Unfortunately, products were bottled before new labels and instruction inserts were requested by the manufacturer. We apologize that the correct information is not on the label or in the recipe inserts. This will be fixed during the next round of bottling. We sincerely hope that the literature provided with your order made this change less disruptive.

We are also planning a switch to a finer grain kelp in the near future. We trust this formula adjustment will go more smoothly!

Ingredients with a finer grind allow the nutrients in Vegedog™ to be more readily absorbed by your dogs, and we are excited to offer an even better product!

Please always feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns! We can be reached at 1-800-370-PETS (7387) or contacted via email.

New Serving Size Chart


CLICK HERE to download the New Formula Vegedog™ Recipes in PDF format.

This download is intended for double-sided printing. Fold in half, then fold again vertically.
(Please note, only the Vegedog™ supplement amounts in the recipes have changed.)

 Vegedog™ Instructions: Page 1

Updated Serving Size - Recipes Page 1

Vegedog™ Instructions: Page 2

Updated Serving Size - Recipes Page 2We sincerely appreciate your patience while we make changes
to ensure your beloved animal is getting the best!

The Vegepet Team

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