Zuben & Adhara

I ordered your book a while back and read it in a short time. We’re just recently able to purchase the vege supplements for our 4 kids (2 cats, 2 dogs).

Since we were preparing the cats to try new things, they would eat many new things and I anticipated an easy transition to the kibble. The dogs are already vegan, but I want to make their food also and they will eat lots of yummy stuff anyway.

Before I could finish cutting the dough to prepare to put it in the oven again Zuben, (the more outgoing cat when it come to food for sure) was up on the counter eating as fast as he could before I put him down. (which I hope is ok, it was cooked but not all the way). So Zuben is NO PROBLEM!!! He already rejects the other food. I put it down to see if he would eat it and he won’t.

I mixed it in for the other cat, Adhara, and he got to it before her, picking out all the homemade food from the commercial food. He doesn’t so much like a coating….is this ok? (yes)

I am trying different things for Adhara to get her to eat the homemade food and of course Zuben has to know what is going on, but he won’t eat it, or doesn’t seem to like it with the coatings I have tried. I will continue to try different ones, but just wanted your imput to see if coating was really necessary.

A coating isn’t necessary but for Adhara we suggested spirulina (a blue-green algae).

Adhara with Spirulina

Thank you so much for writing me back. Just wanted to let you know how excited I am…the spirulina worked!!!! Adhara now loves the kibble. Zuben, still doesn’t like a coating (the one that was eating it before I could cut it). But I am so happy…Adhara gets is all over her! It is so funny. I assumed that she wouldn’t like that because she didn’t like seaweed or other kelp.

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