Ziggy facing his favorite person

Ziggy arrived 3 years ago, very overweight. Yorkies aren’t supposed to weigh 16 pounds! His former owner kept Ziggy outside with two large dogs, giving Ziggy little special attention. Of course his favorite thing to do was to eat, when he wasn’t escaping from his fenced yard. Lucky for us and lucky for Ziggy that his mistress won the million dollar lottery and decided to travel and dispose of her dogs. We were first in line for Ziggy when she gave him away.

Kathi asked him, “would you like a new Mommy?” He didn’t take a moment to say yes and he didn’t even look back as his former caretaker drove away. He stunk, was grossly overweight, wasn’t housebroke and was dirty but a little pooch had just found his heaven filled with love.

The first thing he did was raid the cat’s bowl in the kitchen. He didn’t know that it was Vegecat kibble but absolutely loved it. That was the last time he ever ate commercial kibble. He wouldn’t touch the commercial kibble that was left with him. He relished the Vegedog diet and promptly dropped four pounds of excess weight. He’s big boned for a Yorkshire terrier and between 11 and 12 pounds looks just right, which he has maintained for the last few years.

He absolutely adores Kathi, and I love him as much as she does. It’s just that he seems to be a one favorite person pooch (we don’t like calling him a dog). His favorite thing is everything, as long as it’s close to his beloved mistress, Kathi.

We all hike in the mountains, getting there usually by motorcycle. He rides between us on the Honda, with his own “doggles” and scarf in a turned around modified backpack. We’ve traveled thousands of miles in this fashion, and he loves the adventures we get into as much as we do.

About every two weeks we make Vegedog kibble for him. After every meal he gets three pieces to keep his teeth and gums healthy. We take the kibble with us when traveling. His regular meal is the Garbanzo recipe withVegedog, topped with Prozyme enzymes.

Needless to say, we look forward to many more lovely years with our happy vegan Ziggy.

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