I rescued Tomato when he was about 1 1/2 years old off the streets as a stray about 12 years ago.

Within 6 months he was having terrible problems with cystitis. After many bouts he finally had reconstructive surgery to open his urethra. This was a very serious operation and not one to take lightly with a long recovery time. He had to stay in the hospital for 7 days.

For many years Tomato continued to have problems with his cystitis. I tried many different commercial foods and medications along with another surgery to remove bladder stones. I started making my own homemade meat meals recipes formulated from a vet. This helped a little, but Tomato’s troubles with cystitis continued. Not to mention I was now having to deal with handling raw meat, which being a vegetarian, I did not like it at all.

For years I had wished there was a way to feed my kitties balanced vegetarian meals. I have a friend from Mexico and she said they where too poor to afford meat and everyone including their cats (who must have hunted as well) and dogs ate beans and rice, and their animal companions where very healthy and lived for many years. So I knew somehow my animal companions could be vegetarians too. I just had to find a way to give them a balanced diet formulated for their systems.

I then found HOANNA through a friend. After only a few months on vege meals and vegekibble made with Vegecat phi supplement Tomato has not had one problem with cystitis and takes no medications since becoming a vegecat.

I’m proud to say he has been a kitty vegetarian for 6 years. Many thanks goes to James and HOANA.

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