My boyfriend and I got little Stevie when he was just eight weeks old, and while we’d both had pets growing up this was our first foray into raising one on our own. So, like good parents we took him to the vet regularly, made sure he got all of his shots, was neutered, registered, microchipped, insured, groomed, and loved to death.

But what do we feed the best dog on the planet? Being vegan and having done considerable research on all the terrible, unhealthy, and downright dangerous additives in commercial pet food, we decided that making his food from scratch would be the healthiest option. However, neither one of us knew a single darn thing about canine nutritional needs, especially for a puppy as young as Steve was. So, with a little research and word of mouth advice we found Vegdog and decided to give it a try.

The results were incredible! Steve absolutely loved everything we made (his favorite part is getting to lick the spoon after making a fresh batch of rice and TSP), and continued to grow into a happy, healthy, energetic dog. People constantly comment on how soft and shiny his coat is, how clean his teeth are and what a wonderful personality he has.

We even enjoyed the book that came with our order, Obligate Carnivore, which was both entertaining and informative and further reinforced our reasons for not using commercial pet food. Using Vegdog was the best decision we could have made for our dog, and we want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. It feels good to be able to feed Steve healthy, quality meals without having to compromise our ideals. We attached a picture of Stevie with his favorite toy…a carrot, of course (don’t mind the closed eyes, he was chewing in his sleep!)

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