Razzi & Coconut

Razzi and Coconut were both born deaf. They joined our family with Tomato. I adopted them from a shelter where I volunteer.

Razzi was 10 wks old when he came home with me and he started on vege meals immediately with no transition. He is now 3 years old and is the biggest fan of the vege meals and kibble. I can hardly keep him out of the mixing bowl when I’m preparing vege meals and he tries to eat the kibble mix dough even before I get it in the oven. He usually purrs when he eats his vegemeals. How’s that for letting you know he likes it!

Coconut joined our family about 1 year ago at 6 months of age. She had no problem starting on the vege meals and loves them. She too had no transition period, though I did try thinking she would need one. She immediately went for the vege meals instead of the commercial pet food.

What a joy to know I have broken the link to the slaughterhouses. I have a total peace of mind knowing exactly what is in the food and where it comes from. Preparing and mixing their food allows me to add my love into the ingredients and serve my precious animal companions food that is fresh, wholesome and totally balanced for their nutritional needs.
After I had worked in a vet office for several years and seeing the practice of over vaccinating, the feeding of commercial foods and many, many sick animals including my own, I started doing my own research. Once you start to see the difference in the health of your own pets after they have been eating vege meals you will start noticing the poor health of many other companion pets by the condition of their oily and dull coats, bloated fat stomachs, terrible bad breath, bad teeth and smelly stools and their whole attitudes. Whenever people comment on how healthy my animal companions look, I tell people my pets are vegetarians like me. People almost always say, “but cats are carnivores and need meat”. I tell them I supply them with what they need through balanced supplements and products from HOANA and non meat foods. Very few people wanted to hear any more. But recently with the unfortunate events of so many animals that have had to suffer and die from contaminated commercial pet food, it has brought about a turning point that has helped many people open their eyes to the commercial pet food industry and just how truly bad it really is for our beloved companion animals. People are starting to realize and know what really goes does into commercial pet food. The stories some people have heard about really are true. Now more people are starting to listen and want to know what I have known and been doing for the last 6 years.

I am so happy to take the time to tell people all about HOANA and how to make homemade vege meals and kibble. When you switch your pets off commercial dried kibble food and canned food to vege meals you will see as I did, the oily dull coats, bloat, fat bellies, bad breath, bad teeth and smelly stools go away completely. And instead you will see a animal that is slim, healthy, active, playful, happy with a soft, shiny coat, sweet smelling breath, bright clean teeth and non offensive smelly stools. And you too can feel good about breaking the link to the slaughterhouses because you are no longer contributing to the pain and suffering of the animals that share this planet with us. And you might find yourself making the transition to becoming a vegetarian along with your precious animal friends.

I am so happy and honored to be a part of the growing family of HOANA. I have shared your website with so many people. It feels so good to know how much we are helping the animals.

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