We’d like let you know how grateful we are to have brought VegeDog for our furry, PP. She’s completely on Vegedog diet for almost 3 months now, and everything works wonderful. We’re using the hard kibble recipe. Besides the great palatability, her teeth are noticeably much cleaner and healthier!

PP is 6 years old, and has been a vegan for at least 3 years. She’s allergic to oatmeal and corn, which are found in almost all vegan dog kibbles available on the market. It is also extremely difficult to find a company that manufactures vegan food only and at the same time provide food that would not itch her. Prior to encountering Vegedog, she was on a vegan food found in our local Taiwanese stores. The company also manufactures other meat-based diets. Unfortunately, it was the only suitable diet we could find. While on the diet, her breath wasn’t the greatest and we suspected it might be due to the fact that the company also manufactures meat products. Also, for some reasons, she wasn’t able to absorb the nutrients from the food to keep a normal weight. Even though we fed her more, she was still quite skinny. It was when we decided to do researches out of country, trying to find alternatives ASAP. We found Vegedog from one of the articles posted on PETA.

After having her eye surgery a few months ago, the vet noticed a fat build-up on the surface of her cornea, indicating she might be having a diet with too much fat. At the time she was on half the old food and half Vegedog kibbles. We switched her completely to Vegedog kibbles immediately. A few weeks later, the fat build-up was gone, and the vet was amazed on how fast the fat had disappeared.

Being able to make our own kibble with selective ingredients is just the greatest blessing. We are using your kibble recipe, and replace the cornmeal with vegetables and brown rice powder. She loves her meal times more than ever, and no more foul breaths coming from her mouth.

We understand that many people have doubts about switching their dogs and cats to vegan diet. Some may even consider it as being selfish and that we are imposing our personal preference onto our furry friends. Nevertheless, it just doesn’t seem justified to kill other animals in order to feed ours. Since we have all these other alternatives on the market, especially Vegecat, Vegedog supplements, and a few other vegan companies, providing products sufficient nutrients, our dogs and cats can absolutely live a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing Harbingers continue growing and more people to switch their cats and dogs to vegan food. Thank you very much!

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