I learned about the option of feeding a vegan diet to dogs and cats in 2007, but when my boyfriend and me adopted Noel in 2008, I let him convince me into being careful by feeding “at least fish” to her until she was older. So I bought a dog food that was formulated for puppies, contained sea fish and was very expensive.

However, I only stuck to this omnivorous (rather carnivorous) diet until Noel was 5 1/2 months old, because she never liked it that much, anyway, and I became tired of buying dead animals.

She then was fed a commercially available ready-made vegan dog food until she was about 1 year old, when we had an accident: during her first winter, Noel licked up too much de-icing salt and suffered from an irritated gastrointestinal tract as a consequence.

Afterwards, we were happy whenever she ate anything at all, and my boyfriend, who was ovo-lacto-vegetarian at the time, kept giving her eggs until she was about 2.

Then he became a vegan himself and ever since, Noel has been vegan again.

Noel is now 3 1/2 years old and doing great on her vegan diet. She likes several brands of vegan dog food, but she likes home-prepared meals best.

She loves broccoli, seitan, peas, chickpeas, noodles (of course), carrots, potatoes, nuts, melon, pumpkins, zucchini, oats, healthy vegetable oils… all of which I can enhance by adding Vegedog.

What I love about Vegedog is that all its great ingredients provide a “double bottom” in nutrients. Vegan food is great, but nutritionally supplemented vegan food gives you security.

When you cook for your dog, and especially when you’re vegan, you don’t want to worry about any possible lack of nutrients.

Vegedog provides all kinds of nutrients, even a source of arachidonic acid and taurine, which would only be essential for cats, and thereby offers a complete formula I can trust in every day.

I am very grateful for the existence of Vegedog and Vegecat and I hope that more (vegan) dog and cat guardians will start cooking for their loved ones using Vegepet and the Vegepet recipes.”

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