Muffin is almost 14 now, and I am very, very grateful for the recent improvements I’ve seen in Muffin’s health since she has become a vegetarian and started eating food supplemented with Vegedog.

I think the vast improvement in Muffin’s energy level is obviously attributable to Vegedog’s optimal nutrition (it certainly beats a diet of slaughterhouse by-products!), but I think too, that the sheer taste of real, fresh food gives Muffin something to look forward to and to be very happy about! Though Muffin’s certainly never been one to be picky about food (garbage and toilet water, anyone?), even she recognizes the difference in quality between her fresh brown rice/garbanzo/oatmeal/lentil-based meals versus traditional kibble.

Before she was on a vegetarian diet supplemented with Vegedog, she was extremely lethargic and completely unable to jump; now, she’s climbing onto counters and getting herself into trouble by trying to get her paws onto some more nutritional yeast! She’s regaining her ability to run, and although she is definitely getting older, she seems and acts much, much younger now than she did a year ago. Her fur has gotten softer and silker, she’s lost some weight, she’s gained strength, and people whom I encounter on walks are always shocked to learn her age because she looks so good and seems so healthy! Also, our family vet was very surprised by the impressive results of her recent blood work!

I would highly recommend this product for any pet owner – not just because it is cruelty-free (which is very important), but because I think this is also the healthiest way to feed our beloved dogs!

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