I have a companion animal named Kitty, a short-haired cat that is 12 years old. Kitty is in great health and I expect her to live until 20 or more. She is a good natured cat with a particular set of dietary requirements.

About 2 years ago I was feeling pretty bad about giving her canned slaughterhouse food. I tried many brands to get whole food in a can, but there were no options. Most canned food was nothing more than paste and animal products that humans won’t eat. I love Kitty, and felt terrible that she was eating low quality food. Although she enjoyed the food, her gums suffered, and I could tell she was showing signs of respiratory issues.

With much deliberation and continued research, I finally started feeding her human food. Little by little, she adapted. The most difficult part for her to acclimate to was the changes in taste. Soon after I discovered Brewers Yeast and Braggs Nutritional Yeast, both of which are now the main flavoring spices for her. She also likes Braggs Liquid Aminos for a spray of salt, which I apply sparingly. She likes a squirt of olive oil as well, which I put into a spray bottle. She likes to lick the top spices off of her food, so I have to grind or grate or chop her food daily, and then sprinkle it on to her taste. Often I have to turn the food over with a fork, or stab holes in it to catch the spices so she will eat the entire portion I give her.

Since I am a vegan, she is a vegan also. I make large portions of heavily stocked soup with veggies and faux meats, and those foods which she cannot eat, like spinach, and onions, etc., I add later for our human consumption. I freeze small portions for a week or two and microwave them in daily amounts, so she always has fresh-frozen food, portioned to cat sizes. Since cats don’t drink sufficient water to eliminate toxins, etc., and it is my opinion that much of the lifespan is cut short due to this fact, I always give her wet meals. Not just moistened meals, ! but soupy watery meals. She just licks and licks until its gone, until she gets to the good stuff.

If I don’t have a soup ready to go, I will stir-fry some veggies, or make pasta, or a bit of rice, which she loves with yeast dusted on it. Pretty much, what I eat, she eats. She doesn’t tolerate raw veggies, so everything must be cooked. Not pasty soft, but soft enough where the fibers are very relaxed. Sometimes I think she would just eat yeast, so you will have to learn how to put it on sparingly. Although, it doesn’t really cost that much and lasts a long time. She loves it and wastes no time eating as much as she can get.

One spice she does not like, but that she needs, is Turmeric. I had to experiment with this antioxidant amount. Kitty settled on a very light dusting mixed in with the yeast. The portion of Turmeric in which she does not reject the flavor is just a dusting per day. It is a very small amount, but hey, her tastebuds are highly sensitive. If she can smell turmeric, she will reject the entire meal. So mix it up well.! Just a sprinkle will do. She is now about 12.5 pounds and all of her symptoms have vanished. In addition, I would not have been able to help her acclimate without the aid of two products: Vegecat phi Supplement, and the Evolution Diet vegan cat dry food, veggie cheese burger flavor. Since Kitty is vegan, she does not get certain required nutriments in specific amounts necessary for her health. This is well-known in the scientific literature, so she must be supplemented. Now I want to make it clear that Kitty has a diet comprised of 80% human food.

The Evolution Diet dry cat food is supplemental, but to add variety and to help me avoid making 3 meals a day for her, I put some water in it with some dry cat food as mentioned. Now, since Kitty does not eat meat, she needs the Vegecat phi, which she did not like. Soon I discovered that if I took 3-4 teaspoons and mixed it with about ¼ cup water, she loved it. The granules take time to dissolve, so the night before, I mix a bat! ch and it softens overnight. This way, I can extend the life of the pr oduct. Then, for every meal, or almost every meal, I shake up the watery mix because the sediments settle to the bottom and I want her to get the entire mix, take a few teaspoons out and stir that into her human food. She likes that a lot, and it is now the 4th spice! If she doesn’t like something, i put some Vegecat phi in there, and Voila! She likes it.

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