I just want to tell you thank you for your products and services. I have 2 boy dogs (fuzzy children as my dad calls them) and they have both become vegan and healthy; in large part due to your encouragement.

As a pup and for his first 3 years Kekoa (a Westie) was full of energy, character and enjoyed a home cooked diet of veggies, carb starches and meat proteins. Then he all of sudden came down with acute allergies. He was jumping out of his skin and miserable. His eyes were constantly red and swollen. For 2 months the vet gave him steroids and encouraged me to wait. Then Kekoa got to where he didn’t want to eat. He wanted me to hold him constantly (picture below). He didn’t want to go out or play. His weight dropped and his skin became frail and limp. He even started losing muscle control. At that point he exploded with a rash that looked like chicken pox from head to toe.

At 4 years old Kokoa had developed allergies to most everything. After much research on my own, I found your products and it has made a world of difference. Since December they have both been completely vegan and since January they have both been on your supplements. My Westie had stopped almost all of his acute reactions. He has put healthy weight back on while his coat and skin have bounce and shine. So in a short 4 month time frame he went from looking like he might die to being completely off steroids and tackling multi-mile walks with me every day.

The picture (on the left) was taken today. We had just returned from a 2 mile walk and he was very happy. No swollen eyes. Tons of energy. No rash. Healthy weight gain. I have to be careful what he eats. We stay completely away from meat proteins. I have to be careful what veggies he has because some bring back the acute symptoms. I do currently still give him Benadryl 3 times a day but I hope that with more time I can back off that as well. At least it is not steroids.

My vet thinks I am horrible and cruel to follow this diet plan but it is the solution that saved Kekoa’s life. I don’t believe his system would have kept going otherwise.

While I don’t want to speak negative on anyone, when I was searching for help, I went into a store here that advertised being a holistic and healthy pet source. When I tried to talk with the owner about my dogs becoming vegan, she balked at me and wanted to know how I could treat my pets so. That store had no viable solution for me. I feel confident in knowing that you have done quality research and don’t sell a product just to make a dollar. You truly have the well being of pets and their owners in mind. I am so grateful.

And one last thing I want to say is that I appreciate you honesty in costs. Both times I have ordered products from you, you have over estimated shipping costs and then made a cost return deposit in my favor. That amazes me. Most companies would keep the over estimate and count it as part of having a business. And no one would think any less of that policy. But you take the time to figure and defray costs to the very penny. That is very honorable.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for giving me back my precious boy.

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