Jasmine Rose

Jasmine is an absolute joy when it comes to food. She weaned onto the Vegedog garbanzo/TVP recipe as well as soy kibble recipe. The covered ceramic bowl in the kitchen, filled with freshly made Vegedog kibble, is the centerpiece of the table it sits on. She and Ziggy always get kibble after a soft meal, as well as coming in from a potty break.

Convenient kibble (I make it every week or so) makes for easy training. She learned “down” in one day, and “roll over” in not much more. How she already knew the command “release” is beyond me.

A favorite treat between meals is raw cauliflower. I thinly slice tender florets, cut in smaller pieces, and mix with just a little nutritional yeast. If she gets oil in with it as well it she’ll eat it outside as a precaution, although she is very neat and eats over the platter.

Vitamix and Blend-Tec powerful blenders release nutrients in raw foods. They free nutrients from cell walls, doing the hard part of digestion, all without cooking. Needless to say, she loves to share Vitamix smoothies. Usually they consist of carrots, celery, collards (or romaine lettuce or parsley), broccoli, pumpkin seeds, celtic sea salt, and raw agave nectar and water.

She is 3 months old in the picture above, and all of 20 pounds. We’re hoping she stops growing by 40 pounds, but really don’t know. Her dad weighed 60 and her mom 35 pounds.

She is now two years old and weighs 40 pounds. Just a perfect poochie in every way possible.


Update: Jasmine is now 9-years old and thriving!

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