Henry the cat came to live with us on March 1, 2007.

He showed up with ear mites, tape worms, and healing bite marks on one of his ankles. He demanded to live with Coco, Rosabella, Grace, Irene and me, and now he is stuck with us. He is about a year and a half old, and although he is getting over his fear of the girls, he still hides behind the toilet when he hears even the tiniest little bit of thunder.
Henry loves….

*to eat twice his own weight in home cooked vegan meals three times a day.

*peanut butter!!!

*sticking his head in the toilet bowl and watching the water swirl around when I flush.

* avidly watching birds and other fairyland creatures from the window ledges.

*crawling under rugs and pretending to hide.

*chasing, playing with, and chewing on cotton swabs.

P.S. (July, same year)

Henry wasn’t stuck with us after all! He has gone to live with a wonderful family where he is so much happier than he could ever have been with the girls and me. He now lives on a lot of beautiful pastoral property with a horse barn, where he romps and roams during the day and sleeps with his new humans at night. His new family, which includes two big dogs and a couple of cats, adores him, and I get to visit him every week. He and Eddy the cat are best friends and spend many happy hours running around the property together. Henry is now like a prince enjoying his kingdom, and my 4 girls enjoy having our cozy little apartment back to “normal!”

Although Henry is no longer vegan, he was, for 4 1/2 months, an enthusiastic fan of home made Vegecat recipes. He gained about a pound and a half during that time and his coat went from very dandruffy to extra-shiny and dandruff-free.

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