Foo-Foo cured of urinary problems.

I want to thank you for helping my cat, Foo-Foo, return to a vegan diet. He was first on Vegecat and then Vegecat phi but kept having terrible bladder infections. Two vets turned him away because I had been feeding him a vegan diet. I got lectured on how cats are “obligatory carnivores.” Finally a third vet insisted I put him on a low magnesium commercial diet. It broke my heart. He got better after a few weeks, and then I tried him on the premixed Vegecat low pH low magnesium (Vegecat KibbleMix pH by special order).

He has been fine for 4 months now! I am so very happy. I have also learned to identify struvite crystals with a microscope I have at home.

Interestingly, I did a tuna-fish fast for two days (still cowed by the vets saying cats are obligatory carnivores and I should at least give him tuna). After the two days he developed struvite crystals! I check his urine regularly and he NEVER develops struvitewith the special low pH low mg Vegecat mix.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help over the phone, and THANK YOU for the special Vegecat premix! It works!

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