I am writing to thank you with all my heart. All your suggestions worked out, and Blueberry, who was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, contrary to what all meat-eating, meat-pushing vets thought here, is doing well.

In a few simple emails, you have saved my 18 cats and all the other animals who would have been slaughtered to feed them torture-infected flesh. I will always be grateful to your book, Vegetarian Cats & Dogs, and your company Harbingers of A New Age, for keeping the faith that conversion is possible.

Blueberry’s pics are attached. It would be great if you can include her story – a cat surviving against all odds simply because she eliminated what was killing her – the death in her former cat food.
Also attached is a pic of Faith and a pic of Hans saying yummy to vegan food.

My 18 rescued cats barely leave me a chance to breathe, and each of them views me as his/her personal gourmet corporate menu caterer, vegepet included!

It’s insane that a company like yours hasn’t been flourishing while regular cat food companies continue to sell meat that is recalled and while pet lovers and their “vets” continue to wonder why their cats are sick.

For whatever it’s worth, I think Vegepet is revolutionary in that it dismantles the supposed ultimate carnivore’s (the cat’s) ‘need’ for meat and leaves no room for the justification of cruelty no matter what profit-making lies the meat and mainstream catfood industry try to propagate in order to protect their multimillion-dollar enterprises and to protect their consciences from the truth.

It might take people time to realize the achievement HOANA embodies, but the longer it takes them to acknowledge the suffering and disease included in what they feed their pets, the longer their pets will suffer and the costlier the medical expenses. Whether with regard to pets’ own health or with regard to saving other animals slaughtered for pet food, Vegepet offers all animals the gift of life.

I will do everything I can to spread the word about your company. It’s time for meat-pushers to be shown for who they are.

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