Attention Cat Lovers, Animal Rescuers, and Rescue Railroaders Everywhere… Here is an important Post from Nancy Jo Heart of Miami, Florida:

“I have always enjoyed the company of two cats but since moving to Miami I have been a lighthouse of pregnant female cats. In the 5 years since I have lived here I have adopted and fixed 5 females, finding home for some of their kittens and keeping a few myself. I have also captured and fixed both males and female strays in the neighborhood but there always seems to be one more pregnant female that needs tending. My cat food bill average is 500-600 $ per month. I am currently feeding outdoors, 5 kittens, two mothers and 3 males. Indoors I am feeding 3 fixed females and 2 fixed males with a 5 month old male not yet fixed. My plan was to catch and fix the females mothers (both feral) and catch and try to find homes for the kittens or bring them to the ASPCA. Recently I lost my job and on the same day my car engine died. The lack of income and transportation has made it difficult for me to continue to care for all of these cats. I will also be leaving Miami to move in with family and can only take one of the cats with me as they already have two in the home. Any help would be welcome. Even someone willing to help me catch and carry the cats to the no kill ASPCA in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks Everyone!!”
Nancy Jo Heart
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