Compassion Circle is dedicated to creating awareness and expanding compassion toward all beings with whom we share this planet. This includes not only those animals who are commonly accepted as companion animals, such as cats and dogs; but also those who are often overlooked and whose abuse is often unfairly justified, such as cows, pigs, birds of all types (including chickens and turkeys), fishes, and even rats. We are home of the Rat Refuge and the Fish Refuge, peaceful sanctuaries for rescued rats and fishes; and we work with other groups to rescue animals of all species. We support our endeavors with the sale of our own line of foods, supplements, and other products for companion animals. Our long term goal is to provide cruelty-free foods free of charge to animal shelters nationwide. To learn more about our various endeavors on behalf of animals, please feel free to look around this site — or join our email list below

“Love is blind, and greed has distorted perception, but compassion has 20/20 vision.”  –Kim Sheridan, Founder

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