Calories & Cups

Ask your veterinarian, or use a reputable on-line calorie calculator, to determine how many calories to feed your cat or dog per day, based on age and weight.

One calorie calculator we like is Be sure to choose if you have a cat or dog, then select the appropriate criteria (age, etc.)

Due to variations in ingredients, the amount of water used in recipes, cook times and methods, whether you mash or puree your meals, what (if any) vegetables you add, etc., everyone is going to end up with a different volume of food from our recipes.

You will find a calorie total listed for each recipe under the recipe heading in the recipe brochure that shipped with your supplement. Alternatively, use our drop-down menu under the “Recipes & Literature” heading at the top of the page to choose which supplement recipes to view and find the number of calories in the recipe listed under the recipe heading. To find out how many calories per cup your home-prepared meal yields, measure how many cups of food your recipe makes (after you do any final mashing or blending), then divide our recipe calorie total by the number of cups your recipe yields.

For example, if you end up with 9-1/2 cups of food from a recipe, and that recipe contains 2837 calories, your food has 299 calories per cup.
2837 ÷ 9.5 = 298.6

Finally, the above calorie calculator ( has a field for you to enter how many calories are in one cup of the food you’re feeding. The site will let you know how many cups of food your cat or dog should eat per day. Yay!

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