Legacies of Love: A Gentle Guide to Healing

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Legacies of Love: A Gentle Guide to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One

[CD-ROM Audio Book]

Author: Teresa Wagner


A beautiful 4-disk audio book on how to cope with the loss of a beloved animal companion. The three hours of running time includes an original score of soothing music and a guided meditation.


CD One  40 min, 41 sec
Why Animal Loss is Different:
Animals love unconditionally
Animal death is trivialized by many
Strong prejudice that we should not love or grieve for animals as much as humans
Stress of facing the euthanasia decision

CD Two  45 min, 5 sec
Understanding Your Grief:
Three choices when faced with grief: deny; cope & survive; or truly heal
How to understand and heal complicated grief
Seven factors which make each grief experience unique
Using this knowledge to help us heal

CD Three  49 min, 57 sec
Healing Your Grief: Three Necessary Components of Grief Recovery
Coping and finding comfort: Taking supportive action in honor of yourself
Facing and resolving deep emotional pain—including guilt and anger
Transforming grief into growth: Identifying, celebrating and integrating the gifts of the relationship, the legacies of love, into our way of being

CD Four  49 min, 11 sec
Healing Meditation
To help you feel closer to and connect with the spirit of your animal loved one

When we connect in love, when we ask and listen and speak with love, it is impossible for our animal in spirit to not receive our messages. No matter how much emotional pain there may be of grief, when we connect with the soul of our animal, the heaviness of grief in us is diminished—even if only for moments. The healing of those moments becomes part of us, and the power of grief to devastate us is lessened. And we are more free to support our animals and ourselves as we grieve.


From the Author:

“It is my hope that as you listen to and reflect on the material in this audio book you will feel comforted, understood in your time of grief; feel acknowledged and honored as a person who has lost a loved one; know that you  absolutely, positively normal in loving animals as deeply as you do; and that you will take away practical ideas, tools and techniques to help you learn more about how to not only cope with the loss of your pet, but to find meaningful growth and healing from your loss.” -Teresa Wagner

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