Enzyme Miracle 273g

Enzyme Miracle® Digestive Enzymes 273g

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Ideal for dogs and cats of all ages. Great for puppies & kittens. Highly recommended for senior companion animals.

One 273 gram supplement is the equivalent of roughly 364 “servings,” each to be added to one cup of food.

Digestive enzymes improve nutrient absorption, aid digestion, reduce toxin build-up, and reduce inflammation.

Add digestive enzymes to food in the correct amount (see below) just before serving food. Enzymes become active when they make contact with moisture. If you feed a dry kibble, slightly moisten food before adding enzymes so the powder is not inhaled. Feed only what can be eaten in one “sitting” so food is not stored with the enzymes already added.

Serving Size: 1 scoop (approx 1/2 tsp or 0.75g) per cup of food.

For Digesting Carbohydrates:

Amylase  3500 DU

Diastase (a type of amylase) 1500 DP°

Beta-Glucanase   10 BGU

For Digesting Proteins:

Protease 4.5   21000 HUT

Protease 3.0   50 SAPU

Protease 6.0  4000 HUT

Peptidase  500 HUT

Bromelain   120000 FCCPU

For Digesting Fats:

Lipase   500 FIP

For Breaking Down Plant Cell-Walls & Digesting Plant Material:

Cellulase  200 CU

Hemicellulase   200 HCU

Calcium 24 mg, Magnesium 9.7 mg, Copper (Copper Glycinate Chelate) < 1 mg, Manganese (as Manganese Chelazome®) <1 mg

Other Ingredients: Beet root fiber


No animal products, preservatives, dyes, gluten, corn, rice or maltodextrin.

Made in the USA at FDA and NASC approved facility.

Refrigeration is not recommended. Store Enzyme Miracle in a cool, dry place.


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