Cranimals Urinary Supplement

Cranimals™ Original Supplement

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4.2 ounce bag (120 grams)

Cranimals™ Original is a proprietary extract made from 100% certified organic cranberries. Cranimals™ Original is vegan and non-GMO.

An independent veterinary trial published in the American Journal of Veterinary Research. vol. 77 (4), 2016. found that Cranimals Original prevented urinary tract infections in every single pet receiving the product, and that Cranimals Original had equivalent performance to a common antibiotic prescribed for UTIs in pets, when following dosage directions on the label.

A single dose provides ~2000 mg of food grade cranberry extract, a concentrated source of proanthocyanidins (PAC’s). Research has shown that the phytochemicals in cranberries inhibit the adhesion of bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections to the lining of the urinary tract.*

*Chou HI, Chen KS, Wang HC, Lee WM. Cranberry-derived proanthocyanidins induce a differential transcriptomic response within Candida albicans urinary biofilms. PLoS One 2018; 13(8): e0201969

*Ofek I, Goldhar J, Zafriri D, Lis H, Adar R, Sharon N. Anti-Escherichia coli adhesion activity of cranberry and blueberry juices. New England Journal of Medicine 1991;324:15991599

*Zafriri D, Ofek I, Adar R, Pocino M, Sharon N. Inhibitory activity of cranberry juice on adherence of type 1 and type P fimbriated Escherichia coli to eucaryotic cells. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 1989;33:9298


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