Crancat Urine Collection Litter

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Non-absorbent cat litter and urine sample collection accessories to easily and cleanly collect a urine sample from your cat. CranCat can be used on its own to collect a urine sample at home or to take to your vet for further analysis. Consult with your vet prior to collecting a sample to make sure what the maximum amount of time between collection and delivery to vet is.
This re-usable litter is used in the litter box, in place of your regular cat litter. After urination, tilt the litter box to collect the urine in a corner. A pH strip can then be used to test your cat’s urine pH. The ideal urine pH for a cat is between 6.0 and 6.5.
If you are collecting urine to take to a vet, use the pipette to collect the urine and transfer it to a sterilized glass jar or the small plastic vile provided.
Urine pH testing strips are not included but can be purchased at a local pharmacy.
The manufacturer holds that one bag of non-absorbent litter is enough to collect the sample, but we recommend 2 bags for better coverage.

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