Luki Has Come A Long Way Looking For His Forever Home…Is It Your Home?

After being rescued from the streets of Brazil, Luki’s companion discovered that he has ehrlichia titers, or antibodies that indicate exposure to a tick-borne disease. He did not test positive for the actual disease Ehrlichia. This discovery was upon entering the United States. These circumstances prevent Luki from entering Australia, where his rescuer lives. Christine has been paying to have Luki boarded in Texas for the last 18 months. After a consultation with a holistic vet in California, Luki was put on a natural diet and herbs. This has lessened his titers, but not enough to enter Australia. Christine will be visiting in January and is happy to deliver Luki to the right home – one where he will continue his natural diet and be welcomed in the house. Please contact us from the contact page if you can take in this loving soul.

Thank You!