Important Information for International Customers:

(1) Shipping is unavailable to Australia*, Brazil, France, India, Mexico, Spain, Russia, and New Zealand.

* To order in Australia, please contact

(2) Canadian customs often requires customers to hire customs brokers to import products; this incurs additional costs on the receiving end. Customs duties are also charged. To avoid thses costs, and order within Canada, contact

(3) We offer product refunds for orders that are returned sealed, but cannot refund the original shipping cost. This includes the shipping cost for any international order returned by customs. Please contact a customs agent or broker in your country to find out the requirements for importing pet supplements (Harmonization Code 230990) before placing your order.

For those of you in Europe:

We regret that many of our former European resellers are no longer stocking our supplements after supply issues in 2018. We invite European customers to contact VegaVriend in The Netherlands to place orders. Shipping to the UK and Germany is reasonable and customs should not be a problem. You can email VegaVriend HERE or visit their website:

If you would still like to place an order with us:

Please enter your shipping address on the checkout page to find out your shipping options. An order of a few products will cost between $65 – $75 USD to ship and a large order could be up to $95 USD to ship.

We sincerely wish international shipping were less expensive and less complicated! Thank you for your interest and dedication to your animal family members!

View a full list of our international resellers.

Contact Us With Questions

Alternatively, you can call us at 1-760-796-7949.