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  1. hello kim,
    my name’s Agnès,i’m 21 years old and i’m french.
    My lovely cat “benny” is died on the 23 juny 2011. he was 18 years old.he is died in my arms and his face was so quiet…
    So i was so sad and feel lost, and i found your book “animals and the after life”
    and i was very reassure to see that a lot of peoples have seen her baby after her death. Because i heard benny in my home and felt him near me in my bed.
    So I want say you thank you for all the things you do!! you are really a good person, and now i’m sure that benny is in the sky and i will see him again!

    i really want to meet you but i can’t go to américa now.
    maybe one day…..

  2. Hi Kim!! I feel so connected to you already. I am almost finished reading Animals and the Afterlife. I lost my soul mate, Lucky, on June 30 2011. She was a beautiful dog. I miss her so very much. Just prior to receiving your book in the mail, my vet suggested I contact Sharon Callahan. And then, your book also mentioned Sharon. After connecting with Lucky through Sharon (literally right after I hung up the phone), I beautiful rainbow was on my ceiling!! I had never seen a rainbow projected on my ceiling before. I knew it was Lucky thanking me for the chance to talk to me. Later, I was flipping through the channels; and, for some reason, the movie “Jack” was on. For some reason, I thought I should watch it. Then, I read how you had watched “Jack” when you were with Allison. I literally read that chapter the same night!! I had never even heard of this movie before that day. I also share my home with 4 additional dogs and two cats. I also feel very connected with animals, and I am so grateful that there are others that also appreciate the connections that can form between animals of different species.

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