If you are in southern California, and looking for a hamster, we might know just the one for you! This below story was shared with us by a fellow animal lover and rescuer. Geraldine and her siblings need good forever homes. Please contact us via the contact page if you are interested. Thank you, Ashley

This morning, I walk sleepily (is this a legitimate adverb?) into the kitchen to make my coffee. I heat up water, go to turn on my laptop, go back to pour the hot water into my French coffee press, Bandit is by my feet this entire time, and I see something on the floor. Without thinking twice, I kneel down and realize it’s a hamster baby. Right there in front of me, having a grand time for who knows how long, appalled I’m in the kitchen with a big fuzzy monster next to me. I grab her immediately, she sprays me (of course), and I just stand there, waking up with this fuzzbutt of hers in my hands. Who the heck are you?! She probably thought the same of me… I check all cages. Sure enough, it’s the hamster who caused Donovan to get up in the middle of the night to put her cage into the kitchen because she was so loud with that darn wheel. How on earth did she get out??? I put her into another cage now that I had made up for the incoming rats today.

As a good morning, I presented Donovan with a hamster in my hands. “Donovan, this one got out AND sprayed me! She was in the kitchen!” Response, “Oh gawd. When are they getting adopted?”

Never a dull moment. I have decided to name her Geraldine. Her escape from Alcatraz. Gerard Depardieu, The Count of Monte Cristo… got it?

Who wants a hamster… or four? Below is a picture I have just taken of Geraldine. 7 weeks old on Wednesday – this girl keeps me on my toes! Who wants her?

                 Geraldine – 7 weeks old