Darra is a much loved pug, but her owner is in a very difficult situation and is unable to care for her right now. Darra and Marianne need a San Diego area angel to come to the rescue!

Marianne had this to say about Darra and her future:

Darra is a 1.5 yr old sweet girl Pug. She needs an owner who will maintain her journey with holistic homeopathic Veterinary care in Solana Beach, which I would be glad to cover.  She is healthy except for slight vision loss in one eye, and neck spasms due to a prior injury while playing.  It is preferred that her new owner be at home to help guide her. As for potty training, rewards work well and help her confusion in a new place. I, Darra’s current owner, am recovering from cancer and still have a ways to go until I can walk…and therefore cannot look after her.  I would consider a temporary boarding until such time that I am again capable.  I am looking for an angel that has a nurturing spirit and heart, as Darra is so deserving of love…I only want for her to lead as happy a life as she has while under the care of her Healer.

I look forward to speaking with any interested parties.
God Bless,  Marianne

Please, contact me (Ashley) via the contact page on this website to get Marianne’s contact information.